Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

R  | 129 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 13 February 2015 (USA)

Ratings: 8.2/10 from 87,959 users   Metascore: 59/100
Reviews: 326 user | 300 critic | 38 from

A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.


Matthew Vaughn


Jane Goldman (screenplay), Matthew Vaughn (screenplay), 2 more credits »


Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson | See full cast and crew »

Initial Thoughts:

I had heard good things about this movie and of course Sam Jackson as a villain? That’s generally a solid choice (except for The Spirit, please don’t see that piece of crap!) This was actually my second time trying to see it, as before it was sold out and we ended up just having dinner. Plus the fact that it’s based on a comic book and the theater I saw it in served alcohol, it was an obvious choice.

Main Thoughts:

This movie starts out with a bang and some great music (Dire Straits in particular), it’s just a fun action movie that has some clever twists and some adult moments.  (It is restricted after all). Colin Firth is not who you would think of as an action hero but he pulls it off quite well. The movie does sneak in some social commentary and even made me think a little about being born into a privileged life, versus having to struggle to achieve success and overcome difficult circumstances.

The action scenes are top notch, with the only stumbling point that for an incredibly violent movie there is almost no blood. I’m not obsessed with gore by any means but when someone gets literally cut in half and there is no blood? It just bothers me. Back to the positive Sam Jackson is an excellent villain, he lends his own style to it by dresser as a rapper from the 80’s and having a slight speech impediment.

There is a nice twist that I won’t spoil and a couple of other nice surprises. I have to say that I also enjoyed Mark Hamil’s cameo, though I hardly recognized him at first. I suppose like most people I haven’t seen him in anything since Return of the Jedi, way back in 1983 and he just looks a lot different (it was over 30 years ago after all).

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend this movie if you like action mixed in with a little comedy and a lot of fun.  I give it a solid 8/10. Of course this is not for children as it features a lot of violence, some adult language and brief nudity. Once more I have to say I loved the music here, aside from "Money for Nothing" it also prominently features "Slave to Love" to Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry), two excellent songs. Still more movies to catch up up, talk to you all soon.


Movie Review: Now you See Me


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Now You See Me (2013)

115 min  -  Crime | Thriller  -  31 May 2013 (USA)

Ratings: 7.4/10 from 7,193 users   Metascore: 50/100
Reviews: 56 user | 75 critic | 30 from

An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.


Louis Leterrier


Ed Solomon (screenplay), Boaz Yakin (screenplay), 3 more credits »


Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson | See full cast and crew

Initial Thoughts:

So last weekend my wife and I were in the mood for a movie. There wasn’t a lot to choose from and since this one got a little better reviews (at least from what I heard) than The Great Gatsby we decided to go. Also I do enjoy movies about magic and magicians and it had some good actors to boot Smile.

Main Points:

The movie is a little slow getting started but around the 30 minute mark falls into a nice groove. All the actors do a good job and the story is interesting enough to keep your attention. I like how they did a trick and then showed you how it was done (well not every trick of course Winking smile To say anymore I’ll give my usual…


Okay so the big twist in this movie is that the FBI agent who’s investigating the magicians (played quite well by Mark Ruffalo) is actually a master magician himself and has been duping the group (and the audience) the whole time! I’m pretty good at guessing stuff in movies but I didn’t see this coming, which was a good thing Hot smile. The fact that the “Four Horsemen” (as the group is called in the movie) is admitted into a secret organization called “The Eye” was also enjoyable.

Final Thoughts:

Aside from Ruffalo I was glued to Isla Fisher and Melanie Laurent (what can I say? Blondes and redheads do it for me Vampire bat). Also Laurent with that French accent…mmmm Open-mouthed smile. Ok enough drooling, the movie certainty won’t win any awards but it’s a nice summer popcorn flick with a little bit of extra depth and some nice special effects. A solid 7/10 from me and a recommendation to anyone looking for some light entertainment (and is also waiting for the new Superman movie like me! Smile) Thumbs up. Until next time (and hey I’m taking a little trip, so it could be a book review!) I am as always…