Sci-Fi on the Rock 9, here I come! :)

Greetings everyone,

It’s spring time here (at least what passes for it with flurries still in the forecast April 18) and I’m gearing up for my first convention of the year. Last year I missed Sci-Fi on the Rock due to a family illness (he’s doing much better now) but this year I’m all set to go and will be there for 3 full days! (I know you can barely contain your excitement!) .

SFOTR9Logo  I’ll be downstairs in Diagon Alley (Salon F) on Friday from 10am-8pm, Saturday from 9am-6pm, and Sunday from 10am-5pm (with a short break around 1pm). As before I’ll have copies of my Newfoundland Vampire series (two books so far!) comics, some magic cards and of course FREE CANDY! (That always seems to bring people around).

11132199_738291536707_1043323700_o Killer on the Road: A Newfoundland Vampire Story Book II

If you can’t get enough of me (and really who can?) I’ll also be doing a talk Sunday at 1pm called "Adventures with Vampire Fiction and Publishing". I’ll also be having a look around the main floor upstairs, hopefully a friend will be there to watch my table. What can you see upstairs? Great costumes like these:

SciFiontheRockCostumes SciFiontheRockSteamPunkRyanSkanesSciFiOnTheRock

Lots of great vendors, information about other conventions like the first Avalon Expo (also here in St. John’s), the 4th Atlanti-Con (in Corner Brook, the west coast of Newfoundland), groups, meet the guests and of course all the fun panels (probably none as good as mine though 😉 It’s always a great convention and I hope you’ll be able to make it. Come see me and I’ll tell you all about my new publisher and when to expect books 3 and 4 of my series. In the meantime have a great weekend and watch the Star Wars 7 trailer (it rules!).


Atlanti-Con 3, my thoughts

Well it’s October, the leaves are turning, it’s getting colder and it will soon be Halloween but for now my thoughts on Atlanti-Con 3 at SWGC in Corner Brook.

I could tell as soon as I started to set up my table that it was going to be a great weekend. I showed up early (setup time was 6pm and I was there before 5). Jeff Keeping was there already (like always), welcomed me and said to come back in a hour. So I came back later as soon as I arrived Angela Street and Katherine Gallant came to offer help with some of my heavier boxes. Their friendliness and desire to help was much appreciated and helped me to shorten my setup time. I should say at this point that all of the volunteers and organizers (who are volunteers too I’m sure) did an excellent job with every aspect of the convention.

I’ve been to conventions where my name tag/table where not even ready when I got there but Alanti-Con was 100% prepared and organized, I also highly admire and appreciate that. My table soon set up I headed off to dinner with my wife Friday night, looking forward to the next day’s festivities.

I haven’t mentioned Fat Apollo (Mike McCluskey), he did the opening and closing ceremonies (and was a guest, along with doing a panel). He is always funny, has a ton of great stories and great to hang out with. After a good time at the opening ceremony I hurried back to my table for what turned out to be a brisk day of sales. I won’t get into numbers but it was one of the best conventions $ wise I’ve had in years. As usual I found that comics and Magic cards do better than my novels (the fact that book 3 isn’t out yet probably hurt sales a little as well). Saturday night I went to Mike’s panel (which was really funny and well done) and went to a movie with Joanne. I’d also like to say here that I appreciated being invited to King Henry’s Pub that night to hang out with Jeff, all the volunteers and guest but I’m a man of my word, I promised that I would take Joanne to a movie and this was the only night for us to go (we saw "The Equalizer" if you’re curious and it was good, I’ll post my review of it soon). Looking back I do regret not talking with Cara, Robert and the other guests but there’s always next year and I did get to hang out and drink with Mike twice (King Henry’s pub is a nice spot).

Corner Brook is a beautiful city, I love the walking trail that starts right at the hotel I stayed at (Glynmill Inn) and I made good use said trail walking to the con (which was held once again at Sir Wilfred Grenfell campus) Saturday and Sunday morning. My hotel was only a 10 minute walk to the con, so it was good exercise and not too far.

I’m lucky as here’s the view I had from my table

012  I forgot my camera so I didn’t take a lot of pictures (these were from my iPad) but as always I loved to just sit and watch as cos-players go by. I got to talk with lots of cool people and had one woman ask to take my picture (which was a nice ego boost). I also had a chance to chat with Scott Bartlett (fellow author) and Matthew Ledrew (author and owner of Engen books) I had one kid (he looked maybe 8 or 9) come back to my table 4 times for comics and other people come back for Magic cards several times.

This year there was plenty of food selections (including sandwiches and delicious cookies and cupcakes) plus the fact that it went to a good cause (Scaredy Cat Rescue) made it twice as good.

Security (both campus and volunteers from the con) did an excellent job and were friendly, I always felt my table’s contents were perfectly safe. Also I loved the constant power point (I assume that’s the program) screens that ran on monitors to give people info about the con (and let them know I was upstairs) and was very pleased with the ad I paid for in the program booklet. Jeff came around several times to make sure everyone was doing well and said he would make an effort to get people upstairs to authors/artist alley.

013   Let’s move along though, as with all the conventions I’ve been to, Sunday is the slower day. That was fine as it gave me the chance to pick up an excellent deal on comics (you can’t do much better than 50 cents each!) and a fat pack from the latest MTG set. Arlene Keeping (Jeff’s wife and the treasurer) came up around 3:40pm to tell us the closing ceremonies had been moved up to 4 (from 5). My last customer showed up a little before then and I was happy to pack up and head downstairs.

015  The left is the one picture I took of someone in costume (as Daenerys Targaryen of course). For a look at lots of other great pics, have a look here.

So it’s getting late here and I’m tired, to wrap up a great con, tons of fun, lots of sales, great people, fun guests, good panels, well-organized and a lovely spot. I have heard that next year will be the Pepsi Center, I’ve never been in the place but I trust Jeff and the gang to pick the best location. So to Jeff (who I’m fairly certain will read this) thanks for a great con, all your hard work continues to pay off and here’s hoping for next year to be bigger and better. Oh and I’m happy to give money so you DON’T dress up as slave Leia, I think that’s something everyone can agree on 😉 Great job everyone, as always a pleasure to be there, I’ll be sure to attend next year and I’m sure that will be a great one as well. Until next time (which will be a movie review)…

Atlanti-Con 3!

Hi all,

So it’s that time of year again, late September and I’m soon off for Corner Brook and Atlanti-Con! This will be my 3rd year going out and I always have a great time.  Jeff does an amazing job organizing (along with all the other great volunteers) and this year will be better than ever.  As per usual I’ll be selling my two vampire books (third one will be next year hopefully, see this post on why).

NewfoundlandVampire2-coverFRONTNewfoundlandVampire-coverFRONT700.jpg  Aside from my books I’ll also be selling some Magic cards, comic books and giving away free candy! (until I run out). Also this year I can take credit cards through my iPad (technology can be great) along with cash. If you’ve never been to Corner Brook you owe yourself a visit. It’s a lovely little city with a great walking trail, great restaurants and some amazing views.

A few of the great guests this year include:


Fat Apollo (Michael McCluskey), I’ve hung with him now lots of time and he is hilarious and great guy. He gives great advice and always has great sweets with the proceeds going to charity!


Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd from Power Rangers).


Cara Nicole, cos-player extraordinaire.

I could go on and on but I won’t. Instead check out all everything you need about the schedule, guests and vendors at Atlanti-Con, this year they even have an app, how cool is that? I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday (September 27th and 28th) and I’d love to see you there.

2013: My year in review

Happy Holidays and early happy new year everyone!

I’m doing my year in review a little early this year (organizing it differently). I haven’t seen a movie in a little while (Christmas is a busy time for us) and I’ve been catching up on some TV (Sons of Anarchy is still excellent and Lilyhammer is a lot of fun).

Oh before I continue, waiting to watch a show after it ends, TOUGH to avoid spoilers! I just had the ending of SOA ruined for me, hopefully other people who do this don’t have the same experience.

holiday 2013

As I said this time I’m going to do categories rather than month by month. So here goes:


I love music and I went to a bunch of concerts this year. If you want to read about them in more detail have a look here. I’ll add that Barenaked Ladies were excellent (despite the loss of one of their main singers) and for an outdoor show we had great weather.

Also I saw Ron Hynes (a local singer who recently battled cancer). I know this probably makes me sound like an asshole but he was really crappy. I am glad he’s feeling better and I appreciated how friendly and thankful he was to the audience but his voice is gone. A friend was with me that night, he left during intermission. I’m more faithful/stubborn and I stuck it out until the end. The problem here is that he had throat/mouth cancer and now he can barely sing. I’ll miss seeing him, he did great bar shows and is funny but I can’t see him again, it’s just too sad and depressing. If Ron (or someone he knows) reads this please tell him I love his music, he’s a great songwriter and a Newfoundland icon but he has to stop at least until he’s made a full recovery.

Aside from that we went to a dinner theatre for our work party called “Christmas around the world”. By Spirit of Newfoundland. The show was excellent, great music, excellent performances, funny. They even did a shortened version of my favourite Christmas song “Fairy tale of New York”. I should mention though that the food (especially for me as a vegetarian) has gone downhill from other performances. This doesn’t mean I won’t go back, just probably not for a staff party.

I’ve already purchased tickets for another one of my favourite singers, Billy Joel, for New York in July. I’ve been trying to see him since 2003, so I am really looking forward to that show as well.

Aside from those you can read about the other great shows I saw here.


I was fortunate enough to attend 3 conventions this year. All of them I had a table to sell my books and I got to do a talk at each one. I enjoyed them all a great deal (though Hal-Con had the most issues, which I discussed before). Atlanti-Con gave me the most time to chat with two of the guests (partially due to the fact that I was at the same hotel as they were) and made me feel the most welcome.

Of course the con I’ve been going to the longest (and get greeted by actual fans of my series) is Sci-Fi on the Rock. This con has truly grown into a great Newfoundland tradition and I had a great time this year. Always great guests, great people, well run and always surprises me in different ways. My thoughts on the con for this year.

Book 2 and other writing:

You knew this was coming. The second part of the vampire series “Killer on the Road” came out early September. I’ll admit that sales for it have not been as good (and I haven’t gotten as many reviews) as book 1. I’m not deterred in the slightest though. I paid someone  to update my webpage (have a look here). I had a radio interview, a newspaper one, several internet ones, did 3 blog tours, 4 readings, a book launch, put up over 200 posters, did Flea markets, Farmer’s markets, conventions, a Goodreads contest and everything else I could think of to promote it both in person and online. I am hard at work on book 3 (already nearly finished chapter 7). In fact I’ll announce that the title (if Pat approves) of book 3 will be “The Newfoundland Vampire book III: The gathering dark”. I have a short story coming out in the new year (sc-fi for a change) and I intend to hopefully make at least book 1 into a play/stage production of some kind as well in the new year.

Of course I’ll also maintain this blog and I do other non-publishing stuff running a D&D campaign with some friends.


I love to travel and I’m lucky to get to do a fair bit of it. This year I go to two of my favourite places, Gros Morne, Newfoundland and Grant, Florida (where my parent’s house is). If you’ve never been to Newfoundland (or Gros Morne) you really owe to yourself to come. Just not in the winter! Yes I have climbed Gros Morne mountain, just not this year. I did a couple of great trails, got to stay with some great new people, ate yummy food, finished off book 2, went to an outdoor book reading, a play, played lots of board games and drank a little too much beer.

As for Florida, well I know like anywhere it has it’s flaws but I so love to get out of here in the winter and my parent’s place is in a nice quiet spot (well on the back). I was there for almost a month and here’s the highlights.

Over the summer (and fall) I also went to Eastport, Swift Current, Corner Brook, Grand-Falls Windsor, Brigus and Halifax. This post will get way to long if I go into what I did at each place, I just think traveling (to safe places of course) is a wonderful experience for everyone. It educates you about the world and gets to do things that you may never have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

My health:

I’ve put on some weight over the fall/Christmas (like a lot of people I’m sure) and I have a few back/feet/wrist issues. I need to get back into exercising on a regular basis and cut down on the junk food. This is dull so I’ll just say getting older does suck but so far I’m still doing good.

Work/personal life/charity:

What’s to say? I don’t like my job but it pays well and I get a lot of time off and lots of benefits, so I really can’t complain. Our busy time of the year is over (though I’ll still be in a whole weekend in January for inventory).

I believe that those who are more fortunate should help those who are not (and give to what you believe in). I put my money where my mouth is and gave over $2000 to charities this year (a lot of that to an environmental group called the David Suzuki Foundation). I hope my contributions make a difference and I feel good doing it, so I think that’s the most important things.

I’ve reconnected with some old friends a lot this year and made a few new ones, which is always good. Other than that I’m happily married and I think lead a fairly active social life (which does slow down a bit in the winter). I don’t get to role-play (the geeky way people!) nearly as  much as I used to but that’s what happens when a lot of your friends have children.

Speaking of I do spend more time with my niece than I used to. This is a direct result of her being a little older and we don’t need to worry about diapers anymore (not that I ever changed one). We’re not having kids so it’s a great compromise for me (5-6 six hours in a week is PLENTY of time for me with a 3 year old).

I don’t have a large family but we are fairly closely knit. Over the last week (Christmas time of course) I’ve seen them more than I usually would. It’s fine but like most people I’m glad Christmas only comes once a year.


I review every book I read and every movie I see. I’m not going to pick my year’s best for either as this post is getting lengthy. I just wanted to say that I am reading more comics now than I have in many years (mainly due to the fact of how excellent Walking Dead is and how much cheaper/easier/convenient digital comics are).

I also am trying to cut down on the TV I watch, while there is lots of good shows out there I am SO far behind on my reading. I’ve already given up both Seth McFarlane cartoons and had a bunch of shows end. I’ll miss shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter and Eastbound and Down (read: the first one more than the other two combined!). If you’re never seen Breaking Bad, I envy you. I’ve watched a lot of TV and it was for me one of the best shows ever. The ending (unlike a lot of shows) was perfect and the acting/writing was always spectacular.


Of course I’ll ring in the new year with a New Year’s Eve party (with fireworks) and I’m looking forward to another great year for me. If you made this far I hope 2013 was good to you and that 2014 will be even better. Look for book 3 (among other projects) to be out hopefully late summer/early fall and I’ll keep an eye out for you. Until then I am, as always…


Atlanti-con 2: my second west coast convention :)

Hi everyone =)

It’s been so long since I did a more personal post that I thought it was time. The end of last month I went back to Atlanti-Con (this time as an invited guest which was great). I had a great time last year so I was looking forward to this year a lot. For those who don’t know Atlanti-Con is the sci-fi/fantasy/anime/horror convention held in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and organized by Jeff Keeping and lots of other great folks out there.

Part of the convention for the past 2 years have just been getting there (I live about 6.5 hours away) as Steve Lake and some other people organize people drive into Atlanti-Convoy. I’ll admit that when it comes to traveling I’m used to do things on my own, I’ve driven across Newfoundland many times and I was a bit skeptical about doing it with a bunch of other people in different cars. This year I had all new people in the van with me and they were all a delight to drive with (plus they saved me a fortune in gas 🙂 It is a good idea safety wise and using this app so we could all communicate through smart phones (it basically turns a phone into a walkies-talkie) was fun. Next year I am considering flying out which but let’s move on to the actual convention.

This year I had two books to sell, “The Newfoundland Vampire” and “Killer on the Road” (book 2) along with some magic cards. I also gave a talk on my book and attended a panel on Star Trek: Reliant (a fan-made show that I’m lucky enough to be a part of). Sales-wise I sold 5 copies of book one and 3 copies of book two (which was less than last year if you’re curious). The interesting part is that I sold over $100 worth of magic cards! I was pleasantly surprised, I played magic in university about 16 years ago and finally decided last year to sell off my cards. Apparently the popularity of new video games is fueling sales of the cards, I was happy to part with them.

My talk called “Writing, publishing and vampires, oh my!” was combined with Darren Hann’s (another local author and friend) and together we had about 12 people. Like most authors I enjoy talking about myself 😉 Seriously Jeff’s idea of combining mine with Darren’s was a really good one and I enjoyed it a lot.

Corner Brook itself is great town, it has some lovely walking trails and the hotel I stayed at, the Glynmill Inn, had great food, lovely service, a clean room and had a lovely old-fashioned feel next to a pond and walking trail. In terms of the town itself I had a lovely time walking home on a Sunday night around 10pm and not meeting a single person, it was quiet and relaxing and the weather was great. While I met some strange (a taxi cab driver who really has issues) and unfriendly people (okay just one security guard at Grenfell campus to be fair), overall I had a great time and am really looking forward to coming back.

In terms of social, well I am a bit of a loner (my wife didn’t come with me again this year) so Friday night I played some poker and set up my table. Saturday night I had dinner by myself (I think other people went to Jungle Jim’s but I wasn’t in the mood) and then went to a dance at the campus bar (I believe it was the “The Backlot”). The party was excellent, two of my friends were there (Shannon and Lisa) and I had a wonderful chat with a guest at the convention, Gary Jones. I would have stayed longer and had more to drink but I just don’t have the stomach I used to. If you get a chance to see him at a convention sometime I highly recommend it, he is interesting, funny, generous, smart and just an all around nice guy. He bought me a drink at the bar, asked me all about my books, Newfoundland and my life and then told me some great stories about auditions, conventions and Newfoundland. He even came up with a clever pun “D’Rockula” which I certainly may use in a future story. We chatted about Breaking Bad (which was ending that weekend) and I even had the pleasure of seeing him again Sunday morning for breakfast (we stayed at the same hotel).

Of course I have to mention Fat Apollo, what a great guest, this is third time I’ve been at a con with him but the first time I really got to hang out with him in a social situation. Very funny and lots of fun to be around (and apparently quite the dancer), looking forward to seeing him again next month at Hal-Con (where I’m also lucky enough to be an invited guest).

This year it was held at Sir Wilfred Grenfell Campus and I must say the physical space was lovely. Bright, open, plenty of room. There were some issues with security (which I’ve already spoke to Jeff about) and lack of food service (which I’ve also mentioned) but I’m certain both of these issues will be addressed for next year.

I didn’t take any of these pictures (they all came from the FB group) but I had to share:

AtlantiCon2Cost14AtlantiCon2Cost13 AtlantiCon2Cost12 AtlantiCon2Cost11 AtlantiCon2Cost10 AtlantiCon2Cost9 AtlantiCon2Cost8 AtlantiCon2Cost7 AtlantiCon2Cost6 AtlantiCon2Cost5 AtlantiCon2Cost4 AtlantiCon2Cost3 AtlantiCon2Cost1 AtlantiCon2Cost


























































































































































































Some wonderful costumes, good t-shirts and other great collectibles were there as well. I also appreciated that immediately after the con there was a feedback form but up and a call for suggestions for guests for next year. Overall I had a great time, I love cons and would talk more about it but I have to work. Have a great day everyone, next post will likely be a movie review.


After speaking with Jeff it should be noted it was Darren who thought of combing our two author panels. I was happy to give Jeff credit but he’s too honest and humble to let me.

Also I was mistaken there was food available, it was provided by Scaredy Cat, a Corner Brook animal organization. Also hot food will hopefully be available next year. Sorry for any confusion on these points, that’s what I get for writing a post almost 2 weeks afterwards, some details slipped my mind.

Here I go again! Book II: Killer on the road is out :)

Hi all Smile

I know a little quiet this month that’s just because I’ve been so busy. Late Sunday/early Monday my second book “Killer on the road” came out! (Also I’ve been really busy with my day job but that’s boring stuff).


So there’s the cover and I’ll talk about the process. This time I was a lot faster, book 1 took over 8 months to write and then almost 3 months of editing (16 drafts total!). In comparison book 2 took me just 4.5 months and just 1 month to edit (8 drafts total), so obviously the process was much easier Smile. Another big change was that I decided to pay for someone to do the cover. I think Nils Dannemann did a great job and he also did a poster for me.

1 NFLVampire_Poster_red3

Pat (my wonderful editor at Penumbra Publishing) told me that my female lead, Cassandra, needed work. She said she needed depth, more scenes and a stronger presence. I thought about it for just one night and realized she was right. I’m going to write a piece about it but I’ll just say here that for me getting into the female perspective was hard and I greatly appreciate the insights Pat gave me. I am a firm believer that for most men they NEED a woman to read their story to get the female characters right Hot smile. She also gave me notes on grammar, style and some of the sex scenes but I won’t go into all the gory details Winking smile.

So since Monday I’ve been busy sending out review copies to a select group (so far people who reviewed book 1), promoting it on Twitter, Facebook, sending up 2 blog tours and working on my website (which is going to be fixed up/improved soon!). I’m immensely proud of my series and Killer on the Road, now I’m just waiting for feedback from others and a little cash from sales Smile.


Yes I’ll be doing flea markets, farmer’s markets and conventions. At least 1 more con but flea markets and farmer’s markets maybe not so many (while I enjoy them they can be hard place to sell books sometimes). This weekend I’ll be putting up posters in downtown St. John’s and maybe at Memorial if there’s time. I’ll also try for radio, newspaper and other media appearances when possible. As before I’m also arranging a book launch for October sometime Smile. I’m a busy guy but it’s great! Open-mouthed smile


So I can’t finish this without a plug. If you enjoyed book 1, I would hope you’re purchase book 2 “Killer on the Road” and if you haven’t read either, now’s a good time to jump in! This book takes place a lot less in Newfoundland. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot in my life and work in places I’ve been and few places I’d love to visit someday. As before I did my best to work in serious issues, evil villains, love and serious issues along with some commentary on my beliefs and the state of our world.


Here’s the blurb for book 2:

New vampire Joseph O’Reily and his creator Cassandra Snow just vanquished her abusive vampire husband John, and now the Vampire Council has ordered them to bring down John’s youngling, Donald Rathmore, who is rampantly killing without concern for secrecy. Joseph is just beginning to trust Cassandra, but his feelings for her will be tested to the limit. Will their love for each other survive?

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone, next post will likely be a movie review, though I will hopefully have some more author interviews soon Smile Until next time I am, as always…


2012: My Year in Review (and FREE STUFF! :)

Hi Everyone Smile Well it’s the that time of year, to look back at the year past and forward to the future. Don’t worry this won’t be a long, philosophical musing on all the world events of 2012 and what we could do better, rather just some highlights from my life along with some picture (and something FREE at the end! Open-mouthed smile).


Aside from doing some serious editing on my first novel (The Newfoundland Vampire of course!). This happened:

Yes that’s real. My wife’s old Santa Fe caught on fire one morning! (It had just been started). Way too much excitement for 5:45am let me tell you!. Luckily no one was hurt and since we live in the woods there was no damage to our house or any other property. I don’t remember the mechanical reason for it happening but obviously car was toast.


Nothing of interest, I was busy editing my book (did I mention my editor Patricia Morrison at Penumbra? She is excellent and has a lot of patience. I’ll admit I can be a nuisance sometimes). I learned some valuable lessons about dialogue, plot structure and most importantly not getting personally invested in a story to the point that I was irrational about changing it, live and learn Thinking smile.


Early in the month (and for all the rest of it) we went to my favourite vacation spot, sunny Florida! There were tons of pics so I’ll just share a couple of my favourites.

A convertible in Florida? All kinds of awesome! Hot smile

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Geek and a big kid at heart. Also, who doesn’t love Spidey? Smile


One of my favourite places in the world. Ernest Hemmingway’s house in Key West, Florida. The descendants of his cats (they have 6 toes on every paw) are still there.


My book! After months of editing, 8 months of writing and about a year to find a publisher it finally came out Smile Obviously I was ecstatic and I tried my best to sell and promote it.

That was my appearance in the Evening Telegram. Thanks again to Tara Bradbury for doing a full page article on me, it was very much appreciated! Smile

Photo: My Mom also came down to see me and Joanne Pearcey took a picture :) Thanks to everyone who bought a copy! (and to Lisa M. Daly who also came downstairs to see me :-)

My Mom and I at Sci-Fi on the Rock, this was the first time I sold my book it public. Had a blast Smile


I had a busy summer, here are some highlights.

Photo: The third annual Geek Fest is about to start. Big Red (and me) are ready, you? Have a great weekend all (and just enjoy the pic if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

Photo: Hi all :) Just wanted to let people in NL know (and in the St. John's area in particular) that my book is available at Costco. Here's proof! Have a great night everyone :-)


Summer came to an end but I kept up with my promotional and selling activities. Along with some more good times Smile

This was at another excellent convention, Atlanti-Con, held in Corner Brook, Newfoundland the end of the September Smile.

Several times this year I was lucky enough to work with a bunch of great people on Star Trek: Reliant, a fan-made (not for profit) Star Trek series filmed locally here in Newfoundland. Always a great time Smile


While I was very busy at work, for most of the month I did have a great Christmas and just last night an excellent New Year’s Eve Smile.



This was my last chance to sell my book in person for the year. An excellent local market ran by a friend Laurie Legrow called “Some Good Market”.

Photo: Merry Christmas everyone :) listening to "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues, of my favourite Xmas songs before we go out visiting :-) happy holidays all!


There were lots more fireworks, I need a better camera I find it extremely hard to get a good picture of them.

So you’ve made it to the end, I had a great year and as promised here’s the freebie, my book! For the rest of today it’s FREE on Amazon Kindle. If you haven’t read it yet, today’s a great day to get it! Smile Oh and once you finish it you can look forward to book 2, which will be out hopefully sometime this summer. Have a great New Year everyone. Until next time I am as always…