There’s gonna be a change of season…

Hi everyone,

It’s been a little while since I did a more personal post. As the title says it seems like time as summer is turning into fall (at least here in Newfoundland, we’ve already had frost and I’m wearing long-sleeve shirts and sweaters). And yeah the line comes from the Robbie Roberston song "What about now?" (really great song if you haven’t heard it). I don’t know about everyone else but summer is by far by favorite time of the year, longer days, warmer weather, quiet days at work (for me anyway) but it’s almost over. So this summer I made a decision, I decided to leave Penumbra Publishing. I won’t get into the reasons, I’ll just say I think it was the right choice for me. We parted on good terms (Pat, my former editor, is amazing at her job and a great person) and I even have a short-story published with them!

AGFL20 Walter Knight invited Penumbra authors (and I hope he’ll continue to invite me now that I’m no longer one) to submit a short-story to him (and he to Pat) and over a year later, here it is! "Robots" is my first short-story published and I’m proud of it. It’s a tale of a dark future with a lot of humor (and some sex) thrown in. It’s certainly not for children. So if you’d like to help out Walt (and read my story) you can purchase it here.

So what’s next for me? Well obviously my third book in "The Newfoundland Vampire" series The Gathering Dark won’t be out for a while. I have submitted a partial manuscript to another publisher (I’ll tell you who once I have something more concrete, plus I’m not sure if that’s bad form to say). I will say, though, that I know one of the editors at this publisher and she was kind enough to write me a letter of recommendation. So hopefully that will increase my chances of a contract substantially.

In the meantime I’ll continue to work on a play version of my first book "The Newfoundland Vampire" and of course do one of my favourite things, go to a convention!


This will be my third year at Alanti-Con and it’s been a lot of fun so far. It’s in great, open and bright area and is very well organized and lots of fun. This year I’m a vendor and aside from making some $, I enjoy catching up with people I only see at cons, maybe attending some panels and of course the always amazing costumes. Jeff Keeping (the man in charge) does an excellent job as does all the other volunteers. He is always open to suggestions and has been making Atlanti-con bigger and better every year. I also have to say Corner Brook has some delicious restaurants and a beautiful walking trail. I’ll be selling copies of book 1 and 2 of my series along with Magic cards and a small collection of comic books. So if you’re in Corner Brook the end of the month I’d love to see you.

Aside from that I’m looking forward to my shows being back on TV (including a bunch of new comic book ones like Flash, Gotham and Constantine) and to a trip Las Vegas/L.A. and Ottawa. (Not having kids has advantages!) I’ll also get to see Fleetwood Mac, a band I’ve loved for years (and yes with Christie McVie). So I’m tired and I don’t want to bore you. Here’s to a great fall and I’ll post one or more movie reviews this week, cheers everyone!



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