Happy Valentine’s Day :)

Valentine’s Day and Vampires

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! So like lots of people I’m in a relationship (married for almost 10 years now) and we celebrate Valentine’s day. Sure I’ve heard the usual things, it’s a commercialized day (what holiday/event isn’t now?), you should be romantic all the time, you should say you love your significant other all the time and so on. Come on though, it’s just a fun day where you get to eat chocolate (or whatever you prefer), go out to dinner and hopefully have sex.


When you think about it though a lot of the things we do is a little gruesome/weird. We give flowers that we know will die, we give candy in the shape of a heart and then open it up to eat said candy. We give cards that say something like, “I love you with all my heart” or “my heart belongs only to you”. When you think about it’s all kind of strange, the hearts on candies, boxes and cards doesn’t look anything like a real heart. Further what does it mean? The heart is what keeps us alive sure but it has nothing to do with emotion or love. You could say I love you with all my brain but then you’d have to have brain shape candy (and I’d be writing about zombies instead!) so that doesn’t work. In fact the largest organ we have is out skin, it makes up anywhere from six to ten percent of our body weight. Try giving a card with a big picture of skin on it; I don’t think that would go over well (unless perhaps you’re dating a cannibal 😉


The real history of the day (and actual Saint Valentine’s) is so muddled and lost to history that now we’re just celebrated a notion invented by Chaucer in the 18th century (and even late we’ve gotten wrong is he meant May 3rd and not February 14th). Whether it’s an excuse or not it’s fun to celebrate a day wrapped up with the idea of love (though it certainly has less appeal if you’re by yourself) and I enjoy most of it (just don’t wait to get a card the day of, that can be rough!). So to finally come to my point, what would a vampire do on Valentine’s day? Since I’m a vampire author (you can check out my series here) I will provide my insight. I think a vampire would take his companion out for dinner but maybe not to a restaurant (there’s plenty of tasty people walking around after all!), give them a heart shaped vial of blood (always nice for a snack later) and later have sex covered in the blood of their latest victims, what could be more romantic than that?


Have a great valentine’s day everyone, next will be a movie review (probably of the Lego movie which looks great!) Until then have a great week and have fun! 🙂



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