Book Launch 2: Killer on the Road

Hi everyone,

If you’re looking for my more Halloween-type post it’s over here on my website. For here I wanted to talk about this past Sunday night as it was the book launch for The Newfoundland Vampire book II: Killer on the Road.

It happened back at The Ship Pub (my thanks to Tony and all the great staff there) and as was the case last year turned out to be a great night. This year I was lucky enough to have someone different help me out with the reading (Jana Gillis, a friend and actor). I’m no good with voices and she did a superb job reading the “Cassandra” lines. Before I blabber on more though the pics:


As you can see there was lots of food, a cake and good time to be had by all. I also wanted to thank Danny Dyer (he was excellent as before) for introducing me and my wife Joanne for all her help decorating and looking after drinks that night. My parents for paying for the drinks and of course Pat and the great folks at Penumbra Publishing for making the second book possible.

Numbers wise I sold 18 copies (which was excellent!) and had a couple of surprises. First off there was the really drunk/high guy who came in with his pants half off and starting yelling “Peter!” just when I was introducing Jana (that was strange!). Then a much more pleasant one as I got to read a real Mandeville! (Cassandra from my books is based on Catherine Mandeville-Snow, a real woman who was hanged in Newfoundland in 1824). He had lots of questions about my books, gave me some info about Catherine and was very friendly. He, along with 3 of his friends, all bought copies of my books and I certainly hope to hear from Dennis again.

I’ll wrap up with saying that it’s such a wonderful thing to have a night all about you and your accomplishments. People shaking your hand, clapping (that happened twice after the reading) and generally getting your moment in the spotlight. It certainly made me feel good (though I was nervous before) and it most definitely means there will be a book 3 and another launch party. If you’re curious no I’m afraid no one dressed up despite it being close to Halloween, except me, I’m lucky that as Joseph is me I’m always in costume when it comes to my book.

So have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone, here’s what my cat Jude (who’s in book II) thinks of a Jack-o-lantern.




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