Book Review: Destiny of the Vampire by Tina Traverse

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Destiny of The Vampire [Kindle Edition]

Tina Traverse (Author)

4.1 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (7 customer reviews)

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Initial Thoughts:

As anyone who reads this blog knows I’m big fan of vampire novels (obviously since I’ve written two) and when Tina offered me her book for free (in exchange for a review) I was about to say yes but realized I had already paid to download it. I like to keep abreast of vampire fiction as much as I can and since Tina is also from Newfoundland, I was especially curious to see what she had written. Sadly I have to start this review the way I did one for another self-published book I read earlier this year, if Tina read this I guess we’ll have things to discuss. I don’t want to hurt her feelings as it’s happened to me but I’m not sure how else to be helpful without being honest. Tina was nice enough to read and review my book earlier this year and I started to read hers many months ago, it took me this long to finish it.

Main Points:

I think Tina has some good ideas and comes up with some interesting characters in this book, the huge problem is the story, dialog and the names. Also as is the case with self-published books if you don’t have an editor or at least someone to bounce ideas off and receive feedback, you can write a story that you enjoy but not many other people will. I don’t say any of this to mean, my first novel was riddled with problems and it took a very patient editor and 16 drafts to fix it as much as possible.

Once more I have to be the grammar police here, this book is riddled with grammatical and spacing errors. In the end she even mixes up  character name (and it’s rather important). Errors like this take you out of the story and really detract from the overall enjoyment. To be a little more specific I found one of the major problems with this story is that while it is obviously a romance/vampire/supernatural story (and meant for adults) the author never provides the details I would have liked. In fact despite a lot of talk of sex and some steamy scenes no one ever has sex in the novel. I know this makes me sound like a horny guy but I think if you are going to write an adult novel you have to put this end. The constant teasing of if they characters were going to have sex and then it never happening was very frustrating.  The action scenes also sometimes lacked the kind of descriptive detail that I think would have livened things up a lot.

Also I’m sorry but I have to mention the names, one character is actually called Candy Apple and another Hope Serenity. I guess maybe she was poking fun at the whole romance genre here and maybe it’s an in joke but I just didn’t get it, they sounded so silly they took me out of the story as well.

I’m not saying there’s nothing I liked about this book, the vampires here have interesting powers and she comes up with some clever reasons why they can go out in the sunlight and how they cope with blood lust. The ending (no spoilers) does have a couple of good twists and was certainly not what I was expecting. Some scenes were amusing and for the last couple of chapters I was eager to find out what happened next. I will also say that I did especially enjoy the way one character’s sexual identity was dealt with, it also came as as surprise to me.

Final Thoughts:

I’m afraid I really can’t recommend this novel to anyone but the most hardcore vampire/romance fans (who also have a lot of patience like me). Novels are a personal thing I know but for me I just couldn’t get into the story. It does have violence, some sexual content (though not very explicit as stated above) and coarse language, so certainly not for children.  In the end I can only give this 5/10, I hope Tina will continue to write but I implore her to please find an editor and possibly a friend/family member/newsgroup to receive feedback from. And as I know this may hurt her feelings once again I do apologize, writers have to develop a thick skin. I just got told yesterday by someone that my first book sucked. Not to end on a down note but as you can see I’m too slow a reader to take requests for book reviews anymore, so until next time,  which will likely be a movie review, I am as always…



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