Here I go again! Book II: Killer on the road is out :)

Hi all Smile

I know a little quiet this month that’s just because I’ve been so busy. Late Sunday/early Monday my second book “Killer on the road” came out! (Also I’ve been really busy with my day job but that’s boring stuff).


So there’s the cover and I’ll talk about the process. This time I was a lot faster, book 1 took over 8 months to write and then almost 3 months of editing (16 drafts total!). In comparison book 2 took me just 4.5 months and just 1 month to edit (8 drafts total), so obviously the process was much easier Smile. Another big change was that I decided to pay for someone to do the cover. I think Nils Dannemann did a great job and he also did a poster for me.

1 NFLVampire_Poster_red3

Pat (my wonderful editor at Penumbra Publishing) told me that my female lead, Cassandra, needed work. She said she needed depth, more scenes and a stronger presence. I thought about it for just one night and realized she was right. I’m going to write a piece about it but I’ll just say here that for me getting into the female perspective was hard and I greatly appreciate the insights Pat gave me. I am a firm believer that for most men they NEED a woman to read their story to get the female characters right Hot smile. She also gave me notes on grammar, style and some of the sex scenes but I won’t go into all the gory details Winking smile.

So since Monday I’ve been busy sending out review copies to a select group (so far people who reviewed book 1), promoting it on Twitter, Facebook, sending up 2 blog tours and working on my website (which is going to be fixed up/improved soon!). I’m immensely proud of my series and Killer on the Road, now I’m just waiting for feedback from others and a little cash from sales Smile.


Yes I’ll be doing flea markets, farmer’s markets and conventions. At least 1 more con but flea markets and farmer’s markets maybe not so many (while I enjoy them they can be hard place to sell books sometimes). This weekend I’ll be putting up posters in downtown St. John’s and maybe at Memorial if there’s time. I’ll also try for radio, newspaper and other media appearances when possible. As before I’m also arranging a book launch for October sometime Smile. I’m a busy guy but it’s great! Open-mouthed smile


So I can’t finish this without a plug. If you enjoyed book 1, I would hope you’re purchase book 2 “Killer on the Road” and if you haven’t read either, now’s a good time to jump in! This book takes place a lot less in Newfoundland. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot in my life and work in places I’ve been and few places I’d love to visit someday. As before I did my best to work in serious issues, evil villains, love and serious issues along with some commentary on my beliefs and the state of our world.


Here’s the blurb for book 2:

New vampire Joseph O’Reily and his creator Cassandra Snow just vanquished her abusive vampire husband John, and now the Vampire Council has ordered them to bring down John’s youngling, Donald Rathmore, who is rampantly killing without concern for secrecy. Joseph is just beginning to trust Cassandra, but his feelings for her will be tested to the limit. Will their love for each other survive?

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone, next post will likely be a movie review, though I will hopefully have some more author interviews soon Smile Until next time I am, as always…



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