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Hi everyone Smile

I haven’t done a random musing in a while, so here goes. In case you didn’t know I’m a huge music fan, I even play piano (not professionally or even for an audience, just for me). As such I go to lots of concerts every year, this year in particular has been special as I got to see two bands I’ve been waiting 10+ years to see but let’s go individually.

The Rolling Stones, I had tickets to see them way back in January 2003. At the time my wife (then girlfriend) just started a new job, as a consequence we had to cancel the trip (it was for Montreal) and sell the tickets Sad smile The Stones have never been to Newfoundland and they didn’t tour for a while but this year when it was announced that they had a few Canadian dates I had to go (as the saying goes, they’re no spring chickens). So this year we went to Toronto and the concert also just happened to be on my birthday Hot smile They were excellent, they didn’t do everything I wanted to hear but no one ever does. Mick Jagger still rocks out and for 70, he was lots of energy. (I don’t know how Keith Richards is still alive but he still can play Winking smile) They were worth the money and the long wait (it was a lot, over $900 for the two tickets). I find when you look forward to something for a long time the expectations are built up high in your mind, as a consequence most people don’t live up to this but the Stones (and the Eagles) did.

The Eagles, they are a band I quite literally waited my whole life to see. My parents used to play “Lyin’ eyes” when I was a baby to help me fall back to sleep. I’ve loved them every since and this summer they finally  came here to Newfoundland and I got to see them Open-mouthed smile While Don Henley seems to have become a grumpy old man, they put on an amazing show. Aside from Joe Walsh (who sounds a little different) their voices are as good as ever. I was smiling the whole time and singing along. This is positive post so I won’t get into the whole VIP experience at Salmon Fest (just that it sucked). They sound amazing and their use of video (it wasn’t just background images, but new, often funny, videos of them to go along with the songs) was really good. Joe Walsh seem to be having the most fun and I was glad he did his solo hit, “Life’s been good.”

Also this year I saw Blue Rodeo (twice, they are excellent live Thumbs up), Tragically Hip and Sting. I still have the Barenaked Ladies next month as well. So aside from that I’ve been doing some writing. I’ve done two short stories, one will be published and you can read it here. The other, we’ll see. It needs some editing but I will try to share it later. I continue to work on book 3 of my Newfoundland Vampire series (no title for that one yet) and book 2, “Killer on the Road” will hopefully be out by late September. Also I’ve started to work with a cover artist and I will share some rough designs for book 2 cover art soon. I’ve also been reading lots of Batman comics and catching  up on cartoons (i.e. Family guy and American Dad) and exercising (I generally love to be out when it’s warm Smile). Speaking of I should lift some weights, I hope you all are having a great summer. Until next time I am, as always…



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  1. […] I went to a bunch of concerts this year. If you want to read about them in more detail have a look here. I’ll add that Barenaked Ladies were excellent (despite the loss of one of their main singers) […]

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