Movie Review: World War Z

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World War Z (2013)

116 min  -  Action | Drama | Horror  -  21 June 2013 (USA)

Ratings: 7.4/10 from 37,586 users   Metascore: 62/100
Reviews: 334 user | 293 critic | 45 from

United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.


Marc Forster


Matthew Michael Carnahan (screenplay), Drew Goddard (screenplay), 4 more credits »


Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz | See full cast and crew

Main Points:

I’m a zombie fan, I’m not sure if I ever talked about this before on the blog but it’s true. I really enjoy Walking Dead (both the comics and the show) and as such when I heard about this movie I knew I had to see it. Zombies have been done many times in the movies but this one seemed a little different and the fact that I’m also a big Brad Pitt fan certainly helped matters.

Main Points:

The movie approaches zombies from a scientific point of view (mostly at least Thinking smile) and Gerry (Pitt) and his family are soon face to face with a city overrun with hungry zombies. Gerry is some kind of UN expert (it’s never really explained what he’s an expert in) and is soon recruited by the government to help determine how this worldwide epidemic started.

Enough plot summary though, I liked this film for several reasons. Lots of action, an interesting story, good characters and fast,smart zombies Smile. The zombies here can figure out how to open doors, climb, make human pyramids, bring down helicopters and all sorts of other useful tricks. That being said, however there are some flaws, which I guess means…


The first problem isn’t really spoilery but anyway. This movie I think cuts out too much blood to keep it PG-13, zombies killing people by the thousands and millions on the streets would be bloody as hell but when the initial outbreak happens with Gerry around in Philadelphia the editing is such that for most of his time there almost no blood is seen. I’m not into gore but this made the movie seem less realistic. Second why was his expertise never explained? Yeah he was good in dangerous situations and he’s smart but was there no one else left alive like that?

Third, so in Israel we are meant to be impressed (and I was at first) with how well prepared they were for the zombie invasion. A massive wall around the whole country finished before the outbreak even started was very smart. Soon after Gerry arrives the zombies are suddenly climbing over the way because they are attracted to sound, why didn’t they notice this before? They have been sealed off for weeks at least and no one made the sound attracts zombies discovery? It seems hard to miss. That and the helicopters continually circling the wall happen to miss this huge mass of zombies climbing over each other to reach the top of the wall, I’d fire those guys Vampire bat.

Finally I know this is a movie but this Gerry guy must be the luckiest person to have ever lived! He escapes a huge city full of zombies, then manages to get of Israel as it’s overrun, survives a plane full of zombies and a plane crash! (Oh and he figures a way to camouflage against the zombies too). All these things just strained believability a lot for me. 

Final Thoughts

If you like zombie movies and/or Brad Pitt you’ll enjoy this. I don’t think this will win any awards but the violence is toned down enough not to offend most viewers and the story moves at a nice pace. As I hadn’t read the book (and I’m told it’s different anyway) I thought there were some good suspenseful scenes and a couple of clever moments to keep me entertained.  I liked it enough to see a sequel and I would give it a mild recommendation and a 7/10 Thumbs up. Until next time (and yeah it’s a movie review Hot smile) I am, as always…




  1. I liked this one too although in addition to what you said I wasn’t sure about the ending.

    I will just say that aside from one, maybe two bits nothing from the book is referenced in this movie. To the point where you mention Israel, I am positive that in the book Isarel dosent fall.

    It’ll be interesting to see what they do with sequels.

    • Hi Peter 🙂

      Thanks for the comment! I liked the ending but I can see why people may not, it makes it fairly clear there will be a sequel (which is a Hollywood thing to do for sure) but such is often the case. There are some terrible zombie movies but I was glad this wasn’t one of them =)

      • I hear it’s the start of a trilogy, which will be interesting to see what they’ll do with the next two movies.

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