My thoughts on Sci-Fi on the Rock 7 (local convention :)

Hi all Smile

It’s been a little while since I did Random Musings, so here’s one on the con I went to last weekend.


There’s me in the left hand corner (obviously I didn’t take the picture). This is was slower moment as it was a busy convention! From Friday to Sunday over 4000 people came to visit (not including children under 6 who got in for free along with artists, vendors and volunteers who were also there for free). Thanks to Jeff Power for taking this pic. In terms of numbers I did well. 13 copies of my book The Newfoundland Vampire were sold, one given away for an auction and one give to Val for a review on Tuck Magazine. Considering my book has been out over a year (and I’ve sold almost 1000 copies including online sales) I think that’s pretty good. I also expanded and sold some comics (over 20 that weekend) and Magic cards (I have no idea how many, they sold well).

Cons are about costumes (and panels and lots of other stuff Winking smile) but for Sci-Fi on the Rock the costumes keep getting better. Here’s some of best ones (none of these were taken by me, Phillip Rene for the first two and Lisa Daly for the last)




If you look closely at one of the pictures above you notice Dominic Keating was there and I did see his talk Hot smile. He was good, funny and told some interesting stories. I appreciated his honest about Star Trek: Enterprise (it had good episodes but only really 2 good seasons) and I especially liked how he asked two parents to leave the room with children (they were being noisy and if bothered me it obviously bothered other people). I’m always annoyed how people take very small children to inappropriate events. Anytime someone is giving a talk a small child is not going to be quiet, I don’t think that’s being mean, it’s just the truth (at least from my experience).

For my panel I had about 10 people (one couple with a child came and left half way through but that’s fine). They were a quiet bunch but asked a few questions and I have two readings. It was nice that two of the people there had already read my book and asked me about the sequel. If you’re been reading this blog you know the rough draft is written, a contract signed with Penumbra Publishing (thanks Pat!) and the final product will hopefully be out sometime in September.Vampire bat

The other parts I really enjoyed were meeting fans and chatting with other authors. I had two people come up and ask to have picture taken with me Open-mouthed smile. That was a great ego boost and made me feel good for the whole weekend. As I mentioned in my talk I’ve accepted that at least for the next few years I’ll have to keep working my day job but I see progress and I remain hopeful that one day I can have a career of just a writer Smile.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dale Jarvis, a horror writer, tour operator and academic. He was very friendly and we had a nice chat. An author friend I see at Cons and markets Scott Barttlett was there (and looked after my stuff for a while,thanks!) and several other people I see on a less frequent basis (some people are just at this particular con every year). Along with Matthew and Ellen from Engen Books.

So what’s next? Well I’ve been invited to write a short story (which I’ll certainly do) and I am going to try and do some work this month on book 3 (might as well get the creative juices flowing Smile) Aside from some flea markets and Farmer’s markets during the summer. Of course I’ve got several concerts to go to but now I’m off topic. Have a great day everyone until next time (which will likely be a movie review) I am as always…




  1. Nice post, Charles. Informative and entertaining. Thanks for sharing. Pat

    • Hi Pat 🙂 thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love going to cons, I have 2 more this year 🙂

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