Winter Vacation 2013 and some things I noticed :)

Hi everyone Smile

It’s been a while since I did a random musings post and with my vacation over I thought it was time. So I just got back Tuesday night after a wonderful trip (for most of the month of March). It was off to a rough start as we missed three days due to weather and Westjet. In Newfoundland we have terrible weather for most of year, that includes lots of rain, drizzle and fog. Fog can play havoc with flights but in this case Wesjet is just as much to blame. We were on the phone with them at least 15 hours all together trying to find out when our flight would be and despite the huge inconvenience we suffered we were given nothing for free and not even an e-mail apologizing (I sent them a very direct and somewhat angry e-mail which got no response). Oh and just so you know while we waited at the airport for about 3 hours for the flight to be cancelled I watched other planes land and take off, so I know that the fog did stop all air traffic. Anyway enough griping, suffice to say we don’t ever intend to fly Westjet again.

Moving on the more pleasant things. Here’s some pics from the trip, the pool at my parent’s house:


The house itself:


The cool abandoned overgrown house next door Hot smile


Some entertainment poolside


An interesting bug (and I don’t even like bugs but this was neat) Vampire bat


A cat named Macy Grey in Key West (look closely at the front paws)


A Key West sunset


Me at a comic book store in Orlando:


Me at a bar (I went to a bunch in Key West Winking smile)


An old bike on a street in Key West


Some dolphins right outside the house (a little hard to see)


An interesting tree:


Ok moving on, so as the title for this posts suggests I read a bunch of comic books. I won’t name them all, I’m a huge Batman fan so I read those but I also read some Angel, Stephen King’s The Stand, Punisher Max and even Captain America comics (the last one was my least favourite, just not my thing). As you saw I made several trips to a comic book stores and I was glad that one store took back 4 graphic novels for store credit Smile.


So as the picture suggests I wanted to talk about zombies next, in particular The Walking Dead (I enjoy both the show and the comics a great deal Smile). While I was on vacation I discovered that a local movie theatre showed new episodes of Walking Dead for FREE! Even better the comic book store teams up with the theatre and gives away prizes. Since my wife also watches the show we both went to theatre twice. It was fun to watch it with a crowd, they clapped at the moments I enjoyed the most and of course I could indulge in some popcorn and hot nuts. Worth pointing out here is that theatres here in NL don’t show Walking Dead, don’t have hot nuts and don’t have the same prices or deals of the place in FL. So I can say that in almost all respects going to a movie in FL versus here is far superior.

Oh I should also add that going to a regular movie at this same theatre was great as we could leave the house 20 minutes before the movie started, get there with 5 minutes to spare, still get snacks and not miss any of the movie, that is something I could never do home. The fact that’s it way cheaper (literally less than half) helps a lot too.


Obviously fruits, vegetables, booze and gas is cheaper in FL versus home and the weather is no comparison. I literally went from 25C the day we left to –5C when we got home that night. Next though I’ll talk about poker and a really good game I had.


I try to do things on vacation that I can’t do home, one of them is play poker at a casino or poker room. I played twice while I was on vacation, the first time I stayed too long and instead of being up $60 I just broke even. The 2nd time, however, I had lots of great cards, played good and was up over $400 when I left! (I was only there 90 minutes). It was a great way to end my trip Thumbs up

What about writing you ask? (well you might have if you made it this far Thinking smile) I’ll admit that I didn’t do a lot. I did manage to polish off a new draft for a fan-made Star Trek show I act in. This is the first episode I wrote, if you want to read it (it’s kid friendly) you can do so here. I also had to prepare for Sci-Fi on the Rock (a local convention I do a talk and sell my book The Newfoundland Vampire) and my usual DMing duties for Dungeons and Dragons with friend (I’ve been playing with them over 20 years now Open-mouthed smile)

Whew! Well that was a lengthy post, have a great weekend everyone. Next post will be a movie one, a little gem called Robot and Frank. Until next time I am as always…



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