It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine :)

Hi everyone Smile, Happy Friday!

Well another interesting date is here, 12/21/12. As usual interpreting any religious text literally turns out to be a mistake, the end of the world didn’t come. I was lucky enough a few years ago to meet a Mayan in Cozumel, Mexico. He told us that the vast majority of Mayans believe that today would not be the end of the world (as in doomsday) but that the world would change and become a better place Open-mouthed smile.

I really hope that the world does get better, since it’s screwed up bad Sad smile. I’m usually a positive guy but I have to point out some of the terrible things this year. First off Hurricane Sandy.

The numbers I could find indicated 149 died and over 9 million people were affected in terms of lost power, water or damage to property, damage in the billions. I’m not a scientist and I call bullshit on the idea that it was any kind of divine wrath but I certainly think it’s likely that the years of abuse on the environment is taking it’s toll. From what I read because of global warming storms are becoming much more intense and much more frequent than they should be. I’m not blaming anyone, I think everyone can try to do better in their own way. Personally I’m saving up to buy an electric car and I do what I can know with recycling/carpooling whenever possible.

Worth pointing out here that despite the terrible hardship the storm caused it certainly helped defeat Mitt Romney and re-elect Obama.

Then there is the Newtown shooting (I know there were others but this one was the worst I felt).

I won’t get into my feelings on gun control, that just sounds cold. I’ll just say my heart goes out to those affected. If you are one of those I am deeply sorry for this terrible tragedy and I hope that somehow this horrible event brings people close to together and doesn’t create more hate and destruction. They say that hating someone only gives them power over you, only forgiveness can bring you peace. I’m sure that for anyone connected to this that sounds impossible now but hopefully someday it will be true.Thinking smile So I hope that the non-literal interpretation of Mayan prophecy is correct, hopefully today will be the start of a better world, we’ve got a long way to go.

Okay enough serious talk. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. We may go to a movie tonight, not sure (no I haven’t seen the Hobbit yet but I hate crowds, so I’m waiting Hot smile). Oh and of course my favourite not end of the world song. Until next time I am as always…



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