Movie Review: Misery

Details from IMDB:

Misery Poster

Misery (1990)

107 min  -  Thriller  -   30 November 1990 (Canada)

Ratings: 7.8/10 from 73,591 users
Reviews: 274 user | 107 critic

A famous novelist is "rescued" from a car crash by an obsessed fan.


Rob Reiner


Stephen King (novel), William Goldman (screenplay)


James Caan, Kathy Bates and Richard Farnsworth | See full cast and crew

Initial Thoughts:

I know I should have seen this movie a long time ago but I never did. A friend of mine suggested that any writer has to see this! Winking smile He was kidding but I knew Kathy Bates won an Oscar and I do enjoy most Stephen King movies, so this Halloween I finally saw it.

Main Points:

I also wanted to say first that I think James Caan did a good job here, I forgot he used to be a good actor, how he just does the same old crap it seems. So of course a lot of this movie was spoiled for me but that actually did take away much enjoyment.Smile

I really liked the progress where Sheldon (Paul) goes from being someone thankful to Annie (Bates) for saving his life, to realizing she is keeping him trapped there to finally wanting desperately to kill her before she kills him. It’s a fascinating concept of a writer meeting his biggest fan only to discover she is insane and literally being forced to bring back a character you just killed. I also particularly enjoyed the part where she made him burn his manuscript, I know from writing a book myself (The Newfoundland Vampire) that if I had only one copy and was forced to do that…oh the mental agony! That would really be torture.Devil


Like me I’m sure it’s possible someone else hasn’t seen this. So after going through quite an ordeal (including having his ankles broken for trying to get out), being almost rescued only to have Annie kill the Sherriff, shown a gun and being told he would die as part of a suicide, he does manage to kill her, with the help of an old fashioned typewriter and a pig statue Open-mouthed smile (Her pig was named Misery, so it was something of a joke). I really enjoyed the final twist at the end, Paul will forever haunted by Annie and the line “I’m your number one fan!”.

Final Thoughts:

Cathy Bates certainly deserved the Oscar, she did an amazing job. I enjoyed very much how this was a nice simple, straightforward horror tale. The movie is dated as there is no use of computers, cell phones or the Internet but I guess the world has changed a great deal since 1990. I would highly recommend this movie, a strong 8/10 from me. Thumbs up Hardly any gore, plenty of suspense and solid story with great performances. My next post will be a mystery again but could be influenced by some great movies out now Vampire bat. Until then I am as always…



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