The Walking Dead Comics and TV Show review :)

Hi everyone Smile I know it’s been such a very long time (aside from yesterday’s contest post) just to be clear this post is SPOILER FILLED STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS ON THE WALKING DEAD COMICS!

Ok with that out of the way I’ll continue. First off if you’re wondering nothing has been wrong. I haven’t seen a movie in almost a month (tried to go last night but the theatre was blocked with kids, we would have missed any movie we wanted to see, so we left Sad smile), I’m still reading Royal Flush and I have been busy with work and writing a sequel to The Newfoundland Vampire. There will also be a blog tour sometime soon and of course I am married with some other hobbies Winking smile.

But you came here to read about The Walking Dead and in particular my thoughts on it. Like a lot of people I heard about the series back in 2010. I enjoyed the first season on TV a great (thought Lori was and continues to annoy the hell out of me.) I’ve always enjoyed shows/book/movies that deal with a post-apocalyptic world and how the remaining people would cope with it. It makes you wonder about lots of things, how would I cope without everyday stuff like electricity? And more essentially, how would you find food? Would you be able to kill Zombies to protect yourself and your loved ones? What about other people? In the end I decided that if my friend (who’s a cop and has lots weapons) didn’t turn, then I’d be safe enough if I made it to his house Hot smile.

The second season of the show, well the first six or so episodes were slow. Things finally picked up for the rest of the season but some things continued to bother me. Carl (Rick’s son) continued to be written as a stupid, bumbling moron. No one seemed to care enough to keep a close eye on him and he was at least indirectly responsible for the death of Dale.

Lori also became even more annoying and stupid in several episodes. Like where she takes off BY HERSELF after Rick. Really? In a world where Zombie or other people can and want to kill you at every turn you go off by yourself? It just didn’t make any sense.

I did enjoy how you really got to see what Shane was like (potential rapist, incredibly selfish, bossy, violent and jealous). I like how Rick finally had to kill him and Carl finally did something useful by finishing him off. Of course we also learned the secret from season 1 was that everyone was infected, as shown when Shane jumped back up in moments as a zombie. Of course I loved it when Michonne, the Governor and the prison where shown in the season finale. I am looking forward to season three which starts in less than a week Thumbs up.

In fact it was the season finale (and getting in iPad) that convinced me to start reading the comics.

Ok there was a couple of other reasons too Smile. An app I was using for comics (Comixolgy) had The Walking Dead on sale (making them way cheaper than the store) so I took the plunge. I was also blessed with having friends who had many other issues that I could later borrow.

I’m a little off topic though. The comics are amazing! Excellent characters, excellent stories, great artwork (I like that they are sticking it out with black and white!) and most important STUFF HAPPENS! The comics made me see what a snail’s pace the show runs at. For example in the comic Shane is dead by issue 6, on the show that took almost two full seasons! I’ll put it this way, if you enjoy the show you’ll LOVE the comics Open-mouthed smile.

I should note here though that the comics contain EXTREMELY ADULT material. In particular some of the stuff with the Governor and Michonne bothered me, a lot. Seriously no one under 17 should be reading them I think. By the way have I said how much I love Michonne in the comics? I seriously hope they can do her justice on TV.

A friend of mine said it really well. Every 4-5 issues in the comic there is an arc and a big finale (with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions) and then a different story begins. It not only makes the comics very refreshing it makes you want to find out what happens next. I am at the point now where I have pre-ordered my digital copy of the newest issue. I’m following a comic book series again and for someone who gave that up about 15 years ago that’s really saying something.

Since their only characters I can say this, I was glad they killed Lori (I warned you about spoilers!). Even in the comics I found her annoying. The fact that her baby died too, well that did bother me. It was a disturbing scene but that’s what you get in the comic. I also thought Dale’s death was much better in the comic than in the show, he was just a better character all around here.

This is getting long so I’ll finish up. There is just so much more to everyone, so many more stories, so many more characters and so much more depth in the comic. Oh did I mention Rick? 10 times better in the comic.Vampire bat

One thing I did do besides read Walking Dead on work on my book was go to a convention in Corner Brook (about a 7 hour drive from where I live). That tale will have to wait though. I’m tired, so until next time dear readers I am…




  1. Hope you’re still enjoying the book, Charles–planning on starting The Newfoundland Vampire soon!

    • Hi Scott 🙂 Yes I am, just a very slow reader. Sure whenever you get a chance. Best of luck with your writing and thanks for the comment, see you soon =)


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