Movie Review: Beat Down (2012)


Beat Down (2012)

Comedy  -   3 August 2012 (Canada)

Ratings: 6.4/10 from 14 users
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Beat Down is an irreverent comedy about wrestling, family and following your dreams no matter how painful that can sometimes be. Fran Whiteway (Marthe Bernard… See full synopsis »


Deanne Foley


Deanne Foley, Iain Macleod


Marthe Bernard, Robb Wells and Dan Beirne | See full cast and crew

Initial Thoughts:

I know I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been busy reading Walking Dead comics, work and gaming. I’ll post my thoughts on WD (I’ve read them all) later this month.

For now though my thoughts on Beat Down. I have always liked Robb Wells (he was Ricky on Trailer Park Boys) and I have also grown to like Marthe Bernard (Fran) and Mark O’Brien (Michael). That combined with the fact that it was a local movie and I decided to check it out.

Main Points:

As usual no plot summary from me. Bernard plays Fran a teenage girl who wants to wrestle but doesn’t want to disappoint her father Whitey (played by Robb) who’s opposed to it. Andy Jones (Marthe’s real life Dad) plays a priest who’s a wrestling coach and acts as a mentor to Fran.

The cast is rounded out by Janet Kidder, Tony Nappo and Dan Beirne. Also worth noting that just like on Republic of Doyle (a local show), O’Brien and Bernard end up as a couple here for most of the movie.

The movie itself has some funny parts and even a couple of touching moments. I haven’t been a wrestling fan since I was 13 but I enjoyed some of fight scenes none the less. The plot itself is predictable but still enjoyable to watch.

It is always good to see a local movie in theatres and of course like many people I always try to figure out exactly what streets and buildings were shown in each scene.Open-mouthed smile


As a treat for Trailer Park Boys fans John Dunsworth (Lahey on the show) gets a nice little cameo and busts Whitey similar to what happened on the show Smile. Also Fran does wrestle and is betrayed the promoter Jimmy (Nappo).

She gets her revenge when they finally managed to convince her dad to wrestle once again and beat Jimmy and a female wrestler for a title.

Final Thoughts:Hot smile

Unfortunately as with many Canadian movies you can tell the difference in film quality and production values between this and a Hollywood movie. There is a lot of swearing in this movie, which didn’t bother me but just made it seem odd for parents who brought their 6 year old children to to the theatre. There is also a scene where blow jobs were discussed that I found a little awkward and out of place. I suppose though it is the typical quirky scene found in many Canadian films.Thinking smile

I enjoyed this film for what it is, a simple tale of a dysfunctional family and a Dad who loves his daughter. Overall I give it a 7/10 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a few laughs and an okay story.Thumbs up

Until next time I am as always…



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