Book Review: Broken Ones by Sophia Martin

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Publication Date: March 26, 2011

After Louise’s abusive brother-in-law puts her in the hospital, she rounds up her sister, her nephew, and two nieces to escape north. As they pass an Amber Alert on the freeway, they realize they’ve become fugitives. It looks like they may be able to hide out in a small mountain town, but soon, they realize the cabin they rented is haunted.

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Initial Thoughts:

The author was kind enough to send me a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. However being a supporter of indie writers (and one myself) I decided to buy one anyway (and I was in a good mood Smile).

I had no idea what to expect, which can be fun and then I commenced to read the book in about 2 weeks (quick for me!).

Main Points:

I would describe the book as drama/paranormal. It is told in first-person point of view (which was refreshing as so few books are) and we quickly get to know Louise, a professor of Anthropology, and her sister Marie along with her nieces and nephew.

I have to state here that this book is most certainly for adults. Aside from violence this novel deals with very serious issues such as domestic violence, abuse and depression. I dearly hope the author did not experience anything similar to what happens in the novel, if she did I offer her my greatest sympathies and admiration for making it through.

I thought the characters were nicely done and the story is not too complex. The dialogue is realistic and done quite well and her description of nature and the town of Mt. Sasha are excellent (I’ve never been there but it sounds wonderful Hot smile). I also enjoyed her use of dreams to foreshadow later events. The therapy sessions were also written very well and have always been a topic I have enjoyed reading about.

I don’t want to spoil the plot so I’ll just say that what seems like a simple story of escape does get a twist and there were a couple of other surprises along the way.

I do have a few concerns, comments to make however. There were several formatting/grammatical errors present that detracted slightly from the story. I’m not sure if the author used an editor, even with one mistakes can still show up, in any case a little more editing could have picked up these small errors.

I also found it a little odd that we do not know what Louise looks like until about Chapter 3. I was also getting a little bored by Chapter 10 and was glad when the haunting occurred. The big climax of the book was also a little predictable and ended much too quickly for my liking.

Final Thoughts:

I will certainly quality my review with saying that being a guy there may certainly be aspects to this story that I just don’t get or connect with. With that said I do have a final note of concern, things are tied up a little too neatly in the final chapter.Most of her characters (even several of the children) have many issues but seem almost completely better at the end, I would imagine this process would take a great deal longer. With all that said I certainly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who can handle very adult subject matter but would still like a fairly short novel with an enjoyable plot.Thumbs up The supernatural aspect in particular I thought was quite clever and handled very well.Vampire bat 

I would give it a 7/10 and I hope Sophia continues to produce stories in the future. As a sneak peak my next review will be of “Angel Moon” by Jamie Wasserman (most likely posted by mid-August). Until then dear friends I am as always…




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