Movie Review: Jeff, Who lives at Home

Details from IMDB:

Jeff, Who Lives at Home Poster

R 83 min  -  Comedy  -   11 May 2012 (Ireland)

Ratings: 6.8/10 from 6,144 users   Metascore: 60/100
Reviews: 32 user | 106 critic | 36 from

Dispatched from his basement room on an errand for his mother, slacker Jeff might discover his destiny (finally) when he spends the day with his brother as he tracks his possibly adulterous wife.


Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass


Jay Duplass (screenplay), Mark Duplass (screenplay)


Jason Segel, Ed Helms and Judy Greer | See full cast and crew

Initial Thoughts:

We were waiting for our cat to come in one night and decided to save money (and gas) and watch this movie. I had seen previews and I do like Jason Segel, so we paid the $7 and put it on.

Main Points:

So Jeff (played by Segel) is what appears to be a typical stoner guy who still lives at home, doesn’t work (he’s 30) and argues with his Mom over doing the simplest of charms. His brother Pat (played by Ed Helms of Hangover fame) is the more responsible one though he has serious marital issues and generally acts like an asshole. The mother (played by the always excellent Susan Sarandon) is lonely, frustrated and a little depressed. The father, we learn, died sometime ago and Jeff has never been the same since.

As per my style I won’t go through the whole story. Basically Jeff believes that events happen for a reason and that the world and life are ripe with adventure and contemplation. Pat is concerned his wife is having an affair and through a strange coincidence enlists Jeff’s help to find out.

What follows is Jeff’s strange (and sad) morning by himself and the also rather depressing the two brother’s spend together. It is only the mother, Sharon, who seems to have a nice day as a mysterious secret admirer sends her messages on her computer at work.Open-mouthed smile


This movie does have a few surprises in it. Jeff ultimately ends up at an accident and through some quick thinking and bravery saves three people who were trapped in a car. Pat realizes how badly he has screwed up his marriage and begins to repair his relationship. Sharon learns that he secret admirer is a woman in her office and while she doesn’t admit to being gay (or curious) she does agree to go on a trip with her and kisses her.

Final Thoughts:

The movie starts off a little slow but if you give it a chance it does have some nice moments. I used to be somewhat like Jeff (except for the pot and my Dad didn’t die) and while it isn’t desirable (or possible) for most people it is interesting to see the ideas and connections a person can come up when they have the time to look around and notice things other people may not.Smile

Ultimately the movie says that’s its not to late to make a change in your life and the happiness can be found, if you have the courage to try. Oh and Jeff does finally fix the wood panel (the errand his Mom asked him to do) and hopefully finds some purpose in his life. So I’d give this movie a 7/10 Thumbs up. It’s nothing ground-breaking and it doesn’t feature any amazing performances (3 good ones though Thinking smile) but it made me think and I enjoyed it Hot smile. Hopefully I’ll get to see some movies in theatres soon Vampire bat. Until next time I am…



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