Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

Details from IMDB:

The Five-Year Engagement Poster

The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

R 124 min  -  Comedy | Romance  -   27 April 2012 (Canada)

Ratings: 6.9/10 from 713 users   Metascore: 61/100
Reviews: 15 user | 40 critic | 33 from

One year after meeting, Tom proposes to his girlfriend, Violet, but unexpected events keep tripping them up as they look to walk down the aisle together.

Initial Thoughts:

I’ll admit it like most guys I generally don’t go for any kind of romantic-comedy. I find usually they are predictable and not even very amusing but it was my wife’s pick for movie night, so I went. I do like Jason Segel (who plays Tom in this and co-wrote the screenplay) and Emily Blunt (who plays Violet).Smile

Main Points:

So the story goes that Tom proposes to his girlfriend and then she is offered a job in Michigan (he worked as a chef in San Francisco). So the wedding get’s put off so she can concentrate on her job as post-doctoral with the department of Psychology.

It’s a huge culture shock for Tom to go from San Fran to Michigan and he also must accept that instead of working at a fancy restaurant as Su Chef (I think that’s how it’s spelled) he now works at a fast-food type deli.

At first Tom is miserable but slowly he adapts to life in Michigan and there are some genuinely funny scenes when he does stuff like make his own honey, keep a crossbow in the kitchen, has fuzzy mugs and other odd items. Segel is a funny guy and for the most part I like his character in this.Open-mouthed smile

Blunt is adorable and her character is usually cute and likable as well. Getting back to the plot eventually Tom becomes so miserable that it gets to Violet and she kisses another man. Tom, once she tells him, gets very upset and while drunk almost has sex with another woman.Winking smile


They break up for a time and several of their grandparents die (one of the strange/funny devices the movie uses to show the passage of time.) Tom goes back to SF and Violet moves in with the other professor she kissed.

This is the part of the movie where things really start to drag. You know that the two of them will get back together but a good 20 minutes is wasted to show neither of them are really happy with other people and need to get back together.

Ultimately after Tom speak with his parents (which is a funny scene as they reveal all kinds of secrets to him, including a surgery no son should EVER know his Mom has had done) and Violet speaks to her sister, they both realize they need to get back together and of course the movie ends with a super-fast (but funny) wedding ceremony back in SF. Hot smile

Final Thoughts:

There are some very funny parts and all the actors do a good job. Some of the humour is awkward/gross/strange for my tastes (like people almost throwing up, not really funny) and we see a bit too much of Segel’s ass for my tastes. Like a lot of movie I just found it too long, most comedies can’t pull off 2 hours and not get dull. If your wife/girlfriend/significant other really wants go I’d give it a minor recommendation. Thumbs up 6/10 from me. Not to worry though, The Avengers will be here next week Vampire bat.



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