Dream come true…

Hi all Smile

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I sure did! As you can see this won’t be a book or movie review. After 2 years of dreaming about it my book is not only out but this weekend I also got the chance to sell it to people and talk about it in person. It was a wonderful experience. If you haven’t written a book it’s hard to describe the fantastic feeling of accomplishment when it’s published. Even the smallest compliments made me feel great like when people said things like “love your cover” or “excellent looking display” or “great title” or even “very original idea” warmed the cockles of my heart Open-mouthed smile

Here’s the display:


I had another local writer sitting to my right. A really nice guy named Scott Bartlett, you can check out his stuff here. And to my left was a real character, Michael McCluskey, otherwise known as “Fat Apollo”. He was great to talk to and made me severely tempted to go a convention in Halifax in October.

Also this entry wouldn’t complete without mentioning my most excellent editor Pat at Penumbra Publishing (thanks for everything, you’re the best! Smile). She had lots of good ideas for the convention and she’ll see from the picture I did my best to follow them.

Of course I was there to sell and sell I did! Over the two day span I sold 36 copies, which is pretty good I think considering it’s my first book that only came out a few weeks ago. Speaking of if you haven’t checked out “The Newfoudland Vampire” why not? It’s now available at Barnes & Noble too! Hot smile

I also got the chance to give my first talk on writing and vampire fiction and read my first excerpt. I especially appreciated my friend Danny showing up not only to buy a book but for my talk as well. The talk went well with about 12 people in attendance, they asked some great questions and it was a wonderful feeling to see people really enjoy hearing my book read to them and seeing there smiles and laugher for all the right moments Smile. I found the hour flew by. People clapped after the excerpt and again at the end. Thumbs up

Of course having a book out is something not just I’m proud of but my wife, parents, brother and other family members as well. Here’s my Mom come to wish me good luck (and my wife brought me lunch)


The shirt says “Vegetarian Vampire” of course Vampire bat

Well it’s back to work tomorrow, I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on this weekend and the whole being published experience. If you’ve ever had any desire to write and be published I would strongly encourage you to pursue it. Dreams can come true and I’m only just getting started on mine Winking smile.




  1. Way to go, Charles! Display looks terrific. Why haven’t you got a picture of your book cover on your blog? Pat

    • Thanks Pat 🙂 I put time and effort into the display and it paid off. Put my book cover in the top part? I tried but you have to crop it too much and I couldn’t get the title. I did put in the middle of the post though. I’m always open to suggestions, thanks again for the compliment 🙂

  2. You sold 36 copies? Great. It just goes to show, if you book can be seen, it will sell. Good job.

    • Hi Walt 🙂 Yeah I did! I only brought 45 so I almost sold out! It was great to sell that many with being almost unknown here at home. I’m doing another con here in September and once I get more copies I will get them in some local stores 🙂 thanks for the comment and the encouragement =)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Glad the experience was so satisfying. Congratulations.

    • Hi Kent 🙂 thanks for the comment 🙂 yeah it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to my next one in late September, talk to you soon 🙂

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