Movie Review: American Reunion

Details from IMDB:

American Reunion Poster

American Reunion (2012)

R 113 min  -  Comedy  -   6 April 2012 (USA)

Ratings: 7.7/10 from 8,730 users   Metascore: 50/100
Reviews: 52 user | 94 critic | 31 from

Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.

Initial Thoughts:

I’ve seen the other 3 American Pie movies (I wouldn’t bother with those crappy spin offs that went straight to video) and even though the third one (American Wedding) was a letdown I was curious to see what they would do with the characters and we went to this one.

Main Points:

So it’s 12 years later (who has a reunion after 12 years? I had one at 10, just saying Smile) and they gang all eventually show up in their hometown for a reunion.

Some of them are married, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Aylson Hannigan) have a child, Oz (Chris Klein) is a celebrity and others are almost exactly the same (like Stifler).

The movie starts off with the same old joke, Jim get’s caught masturbating, this time it’s even more creepy as he son catches him. Once they all arrive back in East Great Falls we learn that Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is married but will always love Vicky (Tara Reid).

The rest of the plot doesn’t matter much as almost nothing happens in the movie besides reminiscing and some hijinks with Jim and his 18-year-old neighbour and of course Stifler (Sean William Scott) and the gang. There were funny parts but ultimately I think they have just done too many movies, the magic of the first one can’t be captured again. There were, however, some surprises so…


This is was in the trailer but just to be certain. Jim’s Dad (played by the always entertaining Eugene Levy) is now a widow and Jim decides to help his Dad find a woman. Ultimately Jim’s Dad ends up with Stifler’s Mom and it does get funny when he gets drunk & high with her at Stifler’s party.Open-mouthed smile

Two of the things that bothered me is:  1. They do almost nothing with Stifler, he’s the exact same guy from 12 years ago only now he’s really pathetic, still living at home and working one temp job to the next. He is given a glimmer of home at the end when his former Lacrosse teammates offer to hire him as a party planner. 2. They ruin Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) as it’s revealed that he hasn’t been off having adventures with women, still pines after Stifler’s Mom and is an assistant manager at a Staple’s, it was a surprise but a bad one.

Stifler at least get’s to punch out Heather’s (Mena Suvari) boyfriend and bring her and Oz back together. I did also like how Sherman (the Shermanator! Hot smile) and we get to see him use his Terminator style vision to seek out a girl for a blow job (Terminator 2 was a classic movie, he’s at least right about that Vampire bat) and I did laugh that he named his kid “Furlong”. Jessica (Natasha Lyonne) also has a small character and we learned she turned gay after high school, at least the cameos in the movie were funny Smile.

Final Thoughts:

This isn’t a bad movie it was just a disappointment for me, If you can get in cheap (I only paid for popcorn Winking smile) and you really want to see what happens to the characters I’d give this a reserved recommendation Thumbs up. 6/10 from me. Stay for some of the credits to see Jim’s Dad get a blow job from Stifler’s Mom and make certain you never put a video of yourself on youtube like Jim did, that stuff never stays hidden (not that I’d know personally Smile).



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