My southern vacation :) Mar 6th – Apr 2nd

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I did a personal post (i.e. random musings) so here goes. We are just back from Florida (a little town called Micco) after having been down there for almost a month.. I’m lucky that as a I work for my parents’ I can get about a month’s paid vacation. Newfoundland has crappy winters (it stays around 40F for around 6 months) so getting away somewhere warm has always been a big priority for me.Open-mouthed smile

Here’s the big yard and a big bird:


So what did we do? Well I always try to do things that aren’t available home (or just aren’t any good to go in the winter Smile). We went to Universal Studios in the first few days. I hadn’t been on the Harry Potter ride yet and why wouldn’t you want to go to a place where you could hang out with Spider-Man? (he liked my shirt and signed it)




On other days I did the usual stuff, walk, swim, lift weights, drink beer (lots of beer! Smile). I decided to finally watch the end of Smallville. I know it turned to crap by season 7 but I wanted to see how it ended and the 10th season was at least a small improvement over the previous ones. I read a bunch of Buffy and Angel comics, you can see my review on Paranormal Wire. (Reading these in public lead to some interesting conversations with people who had never heard of the comics Smile)

Oh it’s worth mentioning that driving in a convertible in Florida? A most excellent experience Hot smile


Then we went to Hollywood Studios Disney (another place I had never been to before). The lines at universal really didn’t bother me but Disney…I love Star Wars and I knew that you could do the new Star Tours something like 12 times before you had experiences every variation but by the third time I was sick of waiting. Also the Aerosmith (who I can’t wait to see in July) ride (EXCELLENT by the way, very intense) we waited for almost 2 hours at this was at 11am on a Tuesday! I can only imagine how many people are there on a summer day on the weekends. I’d also highly recommend the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror and the Stunt Show.

Some pics:





The next day we did some shopping in Orlando (I went to a comic book store to get some D&D minis) and got ready for our upcoming cruise. Our cruise took us to Key West, FL (one of my favourite places on the planet! Thumbs up) Nassau, Bahamas (a fun spot) and Freeport, Bahamas (a rather boring spot). Key West has a unique charm, lots of bars, older buildings, a unique history and most importantly a former home of Ernest Hemmingway (still populated by his cat’s descendants Smile). Oh to be honest I played Poker on the ship and got beaten badly (but I guess that’s how you learn). I certainly learned the importance of tight play (and betting BIG, those people hardly ever folded). More pics:







While on the cruise I did some editing on my soon to be released book The Newfoundland Vampire. As I told my editor Pat (at Penumbra Publishing) it’s a labour of love, so I certainly didn’t mind Smile. (Plus there was a day at sea, with not a lot to do).

I also have a great love of t-shirts, so I bought plenty of those. One guy was selling a load of funny ones 3 for $15, how could I pass it up? Winking smile Finally we ended the trip going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who were very good) in Tampa. (Also the fact that I saw the Moody Blues in Melbourne, FL and enjoyed them more speaks volumes about my taste in music).

Some final pics:



Aside from all that I did the usual internet stuff that I do home but outside in the warm air Smile. I also finally finished Jamie Wasserman’s book Blood and Sunlight (a vampire story from Penumbra Publishing, imagine that? Winking smile) and I will post the review soon (had a busy week). It was also nice to spend time with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece and some American cousins and other relatives that I see very infrequently (the cousins and relatives I mean). Of course going from 80F to 30F, with snow on the ground, in the same day…yesh!


Ah well have a great weekend everyone, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do Vampire bat. Until next time I am…





  1. A month vacation … you poor, poor, unfortunate dude.


    • Heh 🙂 Hi Pat, I guess I am a lucky guy in many ways, unless there is gambling or dice involved 😉 thanks for reading my post. I’ll send you some more pictures from Key West 🙂

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