Movie Review: Moneyball

Details from IMDB:

Moneyball Poster

Moneyball (2011)

PG_13  133 min  -  Biography | Drama | Sport   -  23 September 2011 (Canada)

Ratings: 7.7/10 from 72,485 users   Metascore: 87/100
Reviews: 209 user | 329 critic | 42 from

Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players.

Initial Thoughts:

As I’ve said before Brad Pitt is another one of my favourite actors. I’ll often see a movie just because he’s in it. For this movie since he was nominated for Best Actor (and Jonah Hill for best-supporting) my interest was further peaked.

Main Points:

So the story is that Billy Beane (played by Pitt) is the GM of the Oakland A’s Baseball team. I’m not a sports fan so I had no idea about any of the real life story to this movie, for this was a plus as everything that happened was a surprise Smile I digress though, so Beane is mad when the A’s have a disappointing season and don’t make it to the playoffs. He knows that the A’s don’t have the budget of many other big league teams so he hires Peter Brand (played by Hill) who looks at players purely from a mathematical point of view and thus isn’t concerned with how much they cost, their star power/age/condition and other typical considerations.

Pitt does an excellent job of portraying this real figure and gives him depth as we get to see his daughter and his ex-wife. Hill also does an excellent job with a very quiet, reserved Brand who slowly comes out of his shell during the film. His decisions to pick up unusual players based solely on stats is controversial with the other team managers (it never really says what they are, so I’m guessing here) and when they new teams loses many games in a row Beane becomes increasingly upset and there is even talk of him getting fired.

The team manages to turn things around by taking advice from Beane (who was an unremarkable baseball player himself) and Brand about playing the game differently and even break a record with 20 games in a row winning streak.


Again since this is real life I’m not sure why I do this, just force of habit I suppose Winking smile. The A’s don’t get to the playoffs with this different strategy and different players and Beane doesn’t get fired. In fact he is offered a much better contract with another team but turns it down to remain close to his daughter and stick with his team.

Final Thoughts:

As I’m not a fan of baseball there were several things I just didn’t get. There was a great deal of excitement in one scene about trading one players for another and the terms and importance of it were lost on me. Plus a lot of the scenes just show how Beane is superstitious and never watches a game or just spends time exercising or off by himself.

With all that said I enjoyed the film and I give it 7/10 Thumbs up. I would recommend it to any baseball fan or anyone who liked these two actors. Until next time I am Vampire bat





  1. Not a real bball fan either but Sorkin’s script transcends sports. Nice review; check out mine and follow if you like…

  2. Thanks for the comment! 🙂 Sorry I’m so slow replying. I was on a cruise and paying for my internet by the minute. I’m glad you enjoyed my review, it was a good movie. I just didn’t get some of the baseball stuff, I’m hard on movies really it’s probably a 7.5/10. I’m following you. I’m posting a new movie review tonight.

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