Month in Review: Jan 20–Feb 20

Hi all Smile well I’m in the mood for some more random musings (though it’s not really very random Winking smile). First off the weather, it’s winter and we had some bad weeks (shovelling 4-5 days a week, car stuck in our driveway) but the past week it rained a LOT (over 50mm in a few days) so almost all of the snow is gone, which is a good thing Open-mouthed smile) but you don’t want to hear about the weather, so I’ll move on.

So starting around the 20th of January I heard from Pat (my most excellent editor at Penumbra Publishing) and after a few days got down to the business of doing major editing of my book The Newfoundland Vampire. This took me about two weeks and I sent off the 10th draft (and best yet) to her on Feb 6th. I discussed some of this in a guest post on Tasha’s blog, so once again I’ll move on.

One thing you may not know about me is that I have a deep love for gaming. In particular my favourite is role-playing games. I’m fortunate enough to be playing with mostly the same group of friends for over 20 years. We used to play more but now it’s usually once a month. This leads me to the monthly session on January 21st. For that month it was my D&D campaign (4th edition for people interested). As always I had a good time and I find RPG such a great way to engage your imagination and of course a great excuse to hang out with people you like and are hopefully friends with Winking smile. (There was a session on February 18th but you’ll have to wait for the guest blog post to read about it)

Not much else for January, so moving on to February. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter I started to do some acting again (I in a local movie about 6 years ago). This time I got to play a thug in a bar who yells in Klingon (more fun than it sounds Thumbs up) and a Starfleet officer named Lt. Nicolas. I’m a huge trekker so it sounded like fun. The first shoot on February 5th I did some off camera lines and the bar scene. The second day of shooting was yesterday (the 19th) and I did all my Starfleet scenes. Here’s some pictures (several of these were not taken by me but by another actor Sarah Caulfield Deschanel)

These were taken on the 1st day:



These were taken on the 2nd day:


Anyway I had a lot of fun, I always enjoy meeting new people and this was especially good because all these people loved Star Trek and other geeky things Smile. I’m not sure about anything live but I’ll definitely be involved with future movies Darren does.

Moving on of course there was Valentine’s Day on the 14th. As my wife is very private I can’t give any details (you probably don’t want them anyway Winking smile). I can talk about the restaurant I took her too. I’ll admit that I am a bit of snob when it comes to dining. I don’t go to a fancy place a lot so when I do I expect excellent food and service. For this night we went to Atlantica and for the $240 we paid I was a little disappointed. I’m a vegetarian and so for most restaurants I always need the chef to come up with something different (Newfoundland is a very meat focused place). I told them twice in advance I would not be eating meat and again when I got there.

They didn’t bring me a meat dish but it was just pasta with cheese and chopped up spinach, I wasn’t impressed. The waitress (who was very friendly and helpful) later explained that they ran out of the desert I wanted and I could only have half of one. I know what you’re thinking but there was actually 4 of us (my brother and his wife) so sharing a desert with my brother wasn’t what I had in mind. Finally at the end of the night we noticed all of the women were given a rose when they left (a nice touch) but my wife and sister-in-law weren’t given either! Sad smile I’m a nice guy so I still gave the regular size tip (and I was a little drunk) but I can honestly say it was a disappointing night. For me Raymond’s was the best dining experience I’ve had here in years.

Random cat pick (out it’s one of my cats but still Smile)


Well this has turned into a long post. I’ll wrap it up saying as usual I posted reviews of the movies I went to and I’m still reading Darwin’s Children (should be done in a week or so). I hope you’re all doing well this winter, in a few weeks I’ll be in the sunny south and I’ll do my first post sitting outside Vampire bat. Until then I am..





  1. Wow, Charles, you are one busy trekker! And … pretty kitty, here, kitty-kitty! I hope you do not have any demon cats. There is a TV show on some cable station about a biker dude with tattoos who is, amazingly, a ‘cat whisperer’ as in ‘can this cat be saved (or exorcized)?’ Great fun.


  2. Thanks Pat, well when you summarize what you did in a month in a few paragraphs you sound productive 😉 Seriously I try to stay busy, I don’t do much outside in winter so I pursue indoor hobbies as best I can. I do love Star Trek (I even have a Star Trek tattoo) and I can’t wait for the new movie to come out 🙂

    The cat’s name is Esther, I have another named Jude, I’ll put a picture of him up sometime as well. I’m a huge cat lover, that biker show sounds funny! Do you remember the name of it? I like the “Must love Cats” show that comes on Animal Planet. No both my cats are very good, one does throw up but not all the time 😉

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