Holiday thoughts 2011 :)

Hi all Smile I haven’t seen a movie or finished a book in a while so here’s a regular post from me. It’s Christmas time (well almost) I’ve got all my shopping done and tomorrow the visiting starts but now I’m only working a half-day so I’ve got some time to write.

Like most guys I don’t enjoy the decorating/cleaning/shopping part of the holidays. Seeing family and friends, having a few drinks, playing games, getting and receiving gifts, those are things I enjoy. I’m not a religious person so I won’t be going to church. For me Christmas is just a feeling, a time to relax, reflect and be good to others. It shouldn’t be about money, gifts or even religion (I know some people will strongly disagree about that but it’s my opinion.) As an example I was at the mechanic this week getting two cars checked out (just oil & filter stuff). While I was there another customer (that I didn’t know) came up to me, extended his hand and wished me a Merry Christmas Open-mouthed smile. I thought it was a nice, unexpected gesture and it’s the kind of thing I enjoy to see.

I’ll admit that once our tree was put up I did like it. (I’ll post a picture on twitter tomorrow). I have my own Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments that light up, talk and make sounds, they are fun. It is also enjoyable to have presents under the tree to unwrap and then leave them there for a while so it’s almost like you get them again when it’s time to put the tree away Smile. I don’t have a favourite Christmas book but I have a couple of movies. I would recommend the modern day classic Winking smile Scrooged. (Bill Murray in top form) and A Christmas Story. Two very funny movies that always put me in the holiday spirit (I may review both of them at some point.)

Music, well there are so many holiday songs but if I had to pick I’d say “The First Noel” by the Crash Test Dummies, not for any religious reason but just because Brad Roberts has such a great voice and it’s a beautiful song. For a less traditional song I’d recommend The Pogues “Fairytale of New York”. It’s a sad,funny song about how no matter how you feel Christmas arrives and you have to deal with it.

So not to end on a downer but I spent a lot of last Christmas at the hospital (I wasn’t sick, it was my mother-in-law), so now it is always a time of mixed emotions for me. With all that said I’m greatly looking forward to some time off to read, write, relax and “have a cup of cheer” Thumbs up. So have a Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays. Spend it with someone you care about and try to find some holiday spirit, whatever than means to you. Talk to all you soon Vampire bat



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