Movie Review: Project Canada

Details from website:

Project Canada tells the story of four Americans that decide to leave everything behind for an epic road trip across the second biggest country in the world. For three months they travel from the East coast to the West coast in an attempt to discover the heart and soul of Canada. Why don’t we ever hear anything about Canada? What does it mean to be a Canadian? How do Canadians survive the winter? Through their comical misadventures and experiences the Project Canada team paints a picture of the greatest country you probably know nothing about. 17,000 miles, 60 interviews, 4 Americans, 1 incredible country. Project Canada.

Initial Thoughts:

You can tell it’s a small movie as I could not find any details of it on IMDB. (like a good user I submitted it as a new title) So I’m Canadian and once again have some bias here but I’ll try to be at least a little objective. I thought this was an interesting idea for a film, some Americans decide to travel across Canada to get a feel for it (one of them is technically Canadian but has lived almost his whole life in the states).

Main Points:

I also liked that Johnathan McFarlane spent a great deal of his childhood at a small cabin in Manitoba so for him this adventure was about reliving childhood memories and getting a chance to see his relatives again.

I’m also jealous of these guys, I’d love to a cross-country trip for 3 months to see every last bit of Canada, I’ve been to lots of place but never as extensively as these guys.

The documentary itself has it’s good and bad parts, it is an honest look at Canada though they spent less time on the east coast (the Maritimes and me, Newfoundland) and more in Ontario, Quebec, Calgary and British Columbia (which are larger in terms of land and number of people I grant). It shows us as a friendly, fun-loving, peaceful people with a lot of open space and beautiful scenery, which is of course mostly true Open-mouthed smile.

Things are not all fun and games and I greatly appreciated that they show a melting glacier in Alberta. None of these guys are scientists and make no claims about exactly what this means but I think the conclusion is obviously, global warming affects everyone and we need to make changes to keep the planet beautiful and clean. Ok end rant Smile.

I would have liked them to spend more time here in Newfoundland but of course that’s a natural reaction. I do like how they show our unusual dialect, some scenery, our plentiful wildlife and our friendly people.

One of the best parts of the film for me is when they go Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I thought I lived in a isolated spot! It looked gorgeous up there in the summer and the hippie style camp spot was fascinating (though I’d never be able to live there).

Final Thoughts:

Overall while there are some stereotypes shown here, they are all good ones Winking smile and there is some repetition when their van breaks down twice in Quebec and they have to dwell more in this area. This is a fault of the car (and possibly mechanics) and not there’s but it’s something that could have been edited out.

If you want to learn about Canada this is a good way to do it. I hope this film gets wider release and does well. I give it 8/10 Vampire bat



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