Antiques, favourite songs and 80’s concert night

Hi all,

No movie or book read this weekend (almost there with the vampire short-story one) so I just thought I’d regale you with some reflections on my last week or so Smile.

As you may have known (or you will in a few months) I love old things, whether are houses, books, paintings or even t-shirts. I’m not a terribly pack rat but I do get attached to things and I can find it hard to let go. My parents own a house in Brigus, Newfoundland (a beautiful, quiet spot that I visit often) and this month after 15+ years it will be sold. I’ve had a lot of good times and memories in that house (with lots of friends and my wife) and it is also over 100 years old. I’ve included some of my favourite pics below.


As you can see it’s a beautiful house but it’s expensive with heat, property tax and a fair bit of work in the winter, so my parents decided to sell it. I went back there today and thought about the house, the good times, did some reading and felt sad for a while Sad smile. I’ll miss the place but I know it’s only a house and there are more important things in life.

Moving on to happier topic as you know I’m a huge music fan, I play piano and have been listening to music for as long as I remember (I can’t sing though Winking smile). Today I was thinking about some of the songs that mean the most to me. Obviously they’re not hard rock numbers. There is one in particular called “Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)” that was produced by Baz Luhrmann. I’ve been listening to the song for 13 years and it never gets old. It’s basically a guy giving a speech that is set to music (and has some nice interludes spread throughout). The words give you advice on how to live your life and I agree with about 99% of it. The incredible part was that it was actually a hit when it first came out Open-mouthed smile. If you can handle something a little different from the average song I would highly recommend it.

Finally last weekend I saw Starship, Survivor and Eddie Money, all in the one night, exciting I know! It was an 80s night for sure. I enjoyed the whole show but I’ll talk about each act. Survivor was excellent, the lead singer had lots of energy and they did every hit I wanted to hear (including “Eye of the Tiger” of course!).

Next was Starship. I know they are made fun of mercilessly for  “We built this city” but it’s not really a bad song (the video sucked though) and I also found they put on a very good show. Everything I wanted to hear and some nice early stuff from when they were Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship. Grace Slick was absent but the woman who filled in had a great voice and certainly did a good job on every song.

Finally “Eddie Money”, he also did all his hits but I think he had a disadvantage coming on late (it was past 10:30pm when he started). I know for a concert that doesn’t sound too late but we had been there since 7 (it started 7:30) and it wasn’t over until almost 12, 4.5 hours is a long time for a show. I think Eddie’s problem was he really only have about 8 hits, he went past those in less than an hour and the last few songs were just stuff I didn’t know.

In conclusion one of the things I love about bands that don’t put out new stuff is that you HAVE to hear their hits (unless they are total nimrods) and hear them I did for this show. Well that was a long post so I’ll stop, have a nice week everyone. Vampire bat



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