Halloween Memories, Seinfeld and drunk

Hi all,

No movie or book to review. There really wasn’t much playing in theatres so we didn’t go to a movie this week. Instead it’s some rambling from me, I’ll try to be entertaining Smile

So it’s that time of year, Halloween. I enjoy horror movies, being scared and giving out candy. To be honest I tried to go to a Dracula play but I couldn’t get anyone to go with me and it would be too pathetic to go myself, but this post is about memories so here goes.

Obviously I haven’t been trick or treating in a long time (I’m in my mid-30’s) but I have fond memories of it. I remember having such a strong stomach that I would collect two pillowcases full of candy and eat it all as quickly as possibly. The fact that I had many cavities in my baby teeth is of no consequence Winking smile. Living in Newfoundland (and this was over 20 years ago) there was no notion of checking our candy or “peanut-free”, “package-only” or any of the other modern concerns. We (me and my brother) went around the neighbourhood and my parents knew we would be fine. I remember one neighbour giving out homemade caramel apples and were they ever good! I bet that doesn’t happen much these days.

I can understand parents now need to be concerned and so many children have allergies that care has to be taken, but for us such was not the case.  One particular year I remember throwing a stick at my brother and hitting him in the eye! (It was an accident of course). A hurried trip to the hospital made for a very memorable Halloween and while I was upset at the time I can look back on it fondly now. (He was fine, he just had a swollen eye afterwards.)

Moving on I saw Jerry Seinfeld in May of 2010. I’m a huge Seinfeld fan (and Larry’s show Curb your Enthusiasm as well). For me seeing him was a dream come true. I think about it often. Did you ever have one of those moments in your life where everything falls away and all you feel is joy and happiness? For me this was one of those moments. Sure I’ll admit that I had a few beers that night but he was still hilarious and if he does new material I’d love to see him again. If you’re a fan of him and/or the show I’d highly recommend seeing him in person, it’s a great laugh.

Ok the less glamorous/heart-warming part. I had a few glasses of wine, it’s Friday night after all and you only live once Smile . I didn’t say anything offensive or overly personal. Have a great weekend all and an early Happy Halloween Vampire bat I will try to watch a horror movie and I’ll certainly give out candy (packaged, nut-free of course Ghost).



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