A Rose by any other name: Books in other formats

Hi everyone. This is not a movie or book review (for a change). I’m a fairly slow reader and I just find so many distractions at home and while I love movies I usually only watch 1 a week or less.

So today I was thinking about books (and comic books) in other formats than print. I’ve always been a fan of audio books. I like that you can do two things at once (like listen one while you’re driving or walking) and by listening to a book you are forced to hear every detail slowly (normally I read faster when I book gets to an exciting part).

Abridged audio books are a terrible thing, in my opinion, as they cut out many parts of a book and if you haven’t read it before you don’t even know what you’re missing! Moving on though more recently I’ve started to read comics on my iPod Touch.

I tried reading stuff on my laptop but I find the screen gives me a headache after a while and it’s just not the same experience as holding something in your hand. With my iPod I can be more comfortable and it’s much easier to be outside with it as well. While I’ve found some reasonably good reader apps (Bookman, iBooks and USB Disk) I still find none of them do a great job with comic books. The problem is the text, sometimes it is small and I have to zoom in to read it, then I have to zoom back out to continue. While this isn’t a major problem it’s a nuisance and it takes you out of the story. For me a good read is all about getting lost in the author’s world/tale, if the technology makes you fiddle with it, then there’s something wrong. If anyone has a suggestions for a good free (or 99 cent) comic book reader I’d be happy to hear it Smile.

Finally books, I’ll admit I haven’t read a full book on my iPod yet (just a sample which worked fine) but I will do doing that soon. I used to have an old Palm Pilot and I did read entire books on that (which was fine if they didn’t have many pictures). The iPod is a vast improvement over them of course, I wonder if they even still make Palm Pilots? Anyway I’m rambling, I think that the advantage of taking hundreds of books/comic books/whatever with you (and paying much less for them), along with the ability to download more is a tremendous advantage over print books. Also personally I’ve never liked hardcover books or ever over-sized paperbacks. I don’t think printed books will be gone for a while but I can see it happening in the next 20-30 years. I also can see an iPad (or possibly some other type of tablet) in my future sometime soon, the size of the screen does make for a more pleasant reading experience, anyone want to buy me one? Winking smile



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