Movie Review: Interview with a Vampire

Details from IMDB:

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

R  123 min  -  Drama | Fantasy   -  11 November 1994 (USA)

Ratings: 7.5/10 from 97,428 users   Metascore: 59/100
Reviews: 364 user | 86 critic | 19 from

A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.

Initial thoughts:

OK I’ll admit it I’ve seen this movie before (most Anne Rice fan’s have I’m sure) but I never did review it, so here goes.

Main Points:

To be honest this is one of those movies for me that you look back on fondly but then when you re-watch it doesn’t hold up as well. I had forgotten that a lot of this movie is fairly slow without much happening.

The acting is good for the most part, I think Brad Pitt does a great Louis (he is that whiny in most of the books Smile and Tom Cruise is passable as Lestat. Lestat is such a complex character (he becomes a super-vampire in the books) that I’m not sure anyone could ever play him well. Christian Slater is good as Daniel the interviewer. Daniel is a very believable character, who wouldn’t want to be a vampire? I would have reacted the same way after I interviewed a vampire, with Louis gone you would HAVE to find Lestat. A very young Kirsten Dunst is good as Claudia and Antonio Banderas is passable as Armand (another annoying character in my opinion).

The movie does a great job with atmosphere, costumes and set pieces. The Theatres des Vampires is genuinely creepy and was well shot and a clever idea for vampires to operate right out in the open. The action scenes (i.e. a lot of stuff on fire and two attempts to kill Lestat) are a pleasure to watch and the effects hold up well enough.


I wonder if this is even necessary in a movie almost 20 years old based on a book but here it is. Of course Lestat doesn’t die and the scene at the end where Louis discovers him in New Orleans is a treat (though it’s better in the books where Lestat actually has a child there to feed on, Louis saves the child of course). Claudia’s death is well done and for fans of the books we know her death haunts Louis for many years to come.

I also enjoyed the references to other vampire books and movie (calling Bram Stoker a mad Irishman was excellent) and the clip from the very first vampire film Nosferatu was also a treat.


This will always be THE Anne Rice movie (the second one, Queen of the Damned is wretched and never should have been made IMHO). I would love to see another made someday but I’m not sure who else could play Louis and Brad Pitt would probably never agree to do another one.

I’ll admit to being a little biased of course (being a soon-to-be-published vampire author Open-mouthed smile but I think this movie deserves 7/10. I’ll try to do a review of Bram Stoker’s Dracula sometime in the next month or so. Until then I’ll be sure to post another alternative Chapter to my novel today or tomorrow. Have a good one all.Vampire bat 




  1. Great review. You shed some new light on this movie for me. But personally, this movie just didn’t do it for me. The plot lacked direction in general and left me feeling unsatisfied. I will say the vampires were classy and suave, but I don’t think that’s enough to make a compelling movie.

    I also got the chance to review this film on my Horror Movie blog. I could always use some feedback from other critics if you get the chance. But keep up the good work.

    • Hi there 🙂

      Thanks for the comment. Sure Interview had it flaws and I’ll admit being a vampire author (and huge fan of the fanged devils 😉 I could certainly be a bit biased. For this movie I guess it depends how big a fan of the book and Anne Rice. The movie follows the book quite well but I do generally agree that Rice is more skilled in creating atmosphere and characters that great storylines (as becomes evident in later Vampire Chronicles books). I’ll have a look at your site, thanks again and I’m glad you’re enjoying my reviews. I do love movies so I like to share that with everyone.

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