Animals, weather and babies

Hi all,

A non-review blog post for a change Smile I was away this weekend at Kilmory Resort in Swift Current, Newfoundland. It’s a nice spot with a great view of the water, rustic wooden cabins and peace and quiet, at least on the outside.

I’m not a children kind of guy, it’s a main reason why I had a vasectomy earlier this year. My brother and sister-in-law feel different and had a child this past December and this was the first time I spent more than a few hours with her. She’s a good baby but like all children she cries, and spits up and generally makes a lot of noise. Usually this weekend (we go every year the end of September) is a time for me to read,watch movies, go for walks, have a few drinks and come back to peace and solitude, not so this year.  I found myself hanging out at the office (as you saw on Twitter) just to get some peace. Anyway before this get’s too whiny I’ll just say I admire people who have children, they have incredible patience and understanding with them, I don’t hence I’m not having any.

In Newfoundland we have a small population relative to the size of the province (basically we’re the geographic size of Germany but have about half a million people where as they have over 80 million). This means we have a lot of wild animals. I love animals but I have to say our roads can be dangerous. This weekend I came pretty close to hitting a moose, it was scary and it does make you wonder about luck/chance/fate/possible divine intervention. As if that wasn’t enough while I was out for a walk I saw a black bear only about 50 feet in front of me. These are both large animals and I would rather view them from a distance instead of up close and personal. I’d never agree to hunting but I can see the need to fences,tree-trimming and the recent installation of moose sensors along part of our highways.

Finally weather, I only mention this as Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ophelia had no affect for me in Conception Bay South, I hope no one else was hurt by this storm. It actually brought warm temperatures here for a few days before (I had shorts on Oct 1st, which is pretty damn good here) and tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day as well. This has turned into a longish post, have a nice week everyone. talk to you soon



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