Book Review: Merrick by Anne Rice

Details from Amazon:

  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books (October 2, 2001)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0345422406
  • ISBN-13: 978-0345422408

    Ahh Anne Rice, she started off with such a great idea, romantic/complex vampires who inhabited our world and yet were apart from it. I’m an Anne Rice fan, I think anyone who writes (or even likes) vampires usually is. Interview with the Vampire up to Memnoch the Devil were so good, then came Armand (you don’t need a link trust me). Merrick does redeem the series but not entirely but I’ll get to some positive stuff.

    What I liked:

    Anne Rice is a master at creating dialogue, atmosphere and creative storylines. Her vampires are sensual and often act very much as people do (except for some obvious differences). I loved the Merrick character, until the end. I also love Rice’s version of New Orelans. The story here of the younger David Talbot as he travels and falls in love with Merrick is excellent. The jungle scene in particular where they obtain the mask and the spirits fight them was a lot of fun to read and interesting. When Louis and David go out in search of prey (they look for people who deserve to die) I enjoyed every word.


    Even the very end with the Talamasca pissed off and threatening the vampires I thought was a nice twist (though Lestat would tear them to pieces.) Here’s the big problem with this book, she turns Merrick into a vampire! Why bother to develop this new, interesting character and then make her like all the rest? It just seemed like lazy writing to me. As if that wasn’t bad enough Louis attempts suicide (which he should be able to do being so much younger and not having ancient blood like Lestat) as a spell made him turn Merrick. Don’t get me wrong I love Louis (even though he’s whinny as hell in this book) but I admired Rice for having the guts to kill someone. Of course in the next few pages he doesn’t stay dead as Lestat, David and Merrick bring him back. It just cheapened the ending so much for me. Oh and now Louis, David and Merrick are super vampires as they drank Lestat’s blood.  Its like she wants to make 4 characters as similar as possible. Which brings me to the final problem, four super-powerful vampires are threatened by a human secret society and what do they do? Run away. Lestat protests for a while but ultimately agrees with David. I at least hope there is some confrontation in one the last books.

    With all that said I love Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire movie is very good, I’ll review that later). She writes my kind of vampire and I will eventually read the whole series, it’s just sad to see her take shortcuts and ultimately decide (as my friend said) “ok that’s it! everyone’s a vampire” Winking smile



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