Success! Cuba and book/comics

Hi all. First off sorry for my long absence. September has been a busy month for me. Aside from work I’ve been busy with editing and it’s paid off! I signed a contract with Penumbra Publishing on the 15th. My first novel should be out before Christmas this year. I’ll be very busy when it does come out but I am very exciting and happy to be starting what will hopefully be another career as a writer Smile

Second: Cuba! We went there for a week recently and I had a good time. The weather was incredibly hot (35C every day + humidity) but it was a nice resort and I did a lot of relaxing. The people of Havana (just a few I mean) we very poor, which is always sad to see Sad smile I don’t think money helps so I didn’t give them any, I should have bought food and given that out but I was too hot/nervous to think most of the time we were there. Ernest Hemmingway stayed there so I did enjoy visiting his old hotel one and stopping by 3 of the bars he frequented. 

I used to be an avid reader but for many years I let TV/movies/Podcasts take over a lot of my free time. Recently I’ve had a resurgence reading more novels and comic books that I have in a long time and it felt really good. I’m not saying I’ll give up TV/movies/Podcasts but I can see cutting down on them. Getting caught up in a good book is a wonderful experience and I’d forgotten how much I love to read. Comic books can be a lot of fun and it is nice to read many of them in short period of time.

My final point is that I’m going to try to do a real book review of each book I read from now on. I’ll keep the review a reasonable length, say 250-500 words. Except my first one soon as I read 4 books over the past little while. Until then have a pleasant Sunday all, hopefully fall is treating you well.



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