Accomplishments, Vegetarianism and Insight

Happy Tuesday all Smile It’s a gorgeous day here with the sun shinning. I’d normally be out for a walk but my legs are sore so I’m inside. Hurricane Irene actually brought nice weather for us here on the Avalon. So onto the points, accomplishments. I’ve had a fair number of accomplishments/milestones in my life (finishing high school, 2 degrees, 1 diploma, marriage, first teaching job, renovations, best-man, godfather, vasectomy) and all the little other ones you have on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. More recently though I had a new one, climbing a mountain. Gros Morne Mountain, last week some friends and I made the 16 KM trip and reached a height of 806 Meters. It was fantastic and aside from the incredible view I’m left with a great milestone accomplished and some pleasant memories. As I said on twitter, if you’re in reasonable shape and have never climbed a mountain you owe to yourself to do it one day.

I suppose the next point is an accomplishment too. I’ve been a vegetarian now almost 6 years and I’ve never felt better. I won’t make this a long preachy post but I’ll just say that it’s my new religion. I believe in it not only for myself (as a healthier diet) but also for it’s reduced impact on the planet and of course my active saving of animals that are not eaten. I love it when people ask me about it and I always take the time to explain my reasons for being a vegetarian and possibly convincing them to give it a try. If you’re interested here’s a non-political site. Or a little more political one here. I’m dearly hoping I’ll have two more milestones in my life soon, which of course are writing related.

Finally insight. I’ll admit to not having the best insight into people (I think I’m better with animals) I tend to get surprised, which isn’t always a bad thing Smile Last month I was getting Fibre Optic  internet installed and one of the guys said something fairly strange to me (they were here about 4 hours). He said “you look like a teacher, are you a teacher?” The strange part is I used to be for a few years. He said he mentioned it because it was summer time and I was home (I really just took the afternoon off). I was impressed though with him being right on it, why do I look like a teacher? Anyway he was nice and I made him lunch before they left (I’m a nice guy, usually Winking smile It’s just something random I thought I’d share. Have a nice day everyone.



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