Pulp Fiction and crowds

Hi all. I’ve been quiet lately, I’ve been busy editing my book and I was away from any Internet access for the past few days. As promised this is my entry on the beauty that is Pulp Fiction. First off it gets 9/10 with nearly 500,000 votes, that’s pretty damn impressive I’d say. Second it did win an Oscar for best original screenplay (and was nominated for a ton of other ones). Third it’s the dialogue and characters that makes the movie so memorable, not the violence. People say (I head them when I walked out of the theatre) that the movie was too violent and that it glorifies violence but I never felt that to be the case.

Most of the violence that takes place is carefully edited so that the gory scenes are left to your imagination. Of course also almost all the characters that use violence in the movie are either killed or have something terrible happen to them (with a few notable exceptions). But I digress as usual, the dialogue stands out so much that I can still recite some parts from memory (and I haven’t watched in in 4-5 years). “Bring out the gimp.” “I think the gimp’s sleeping” “well I guess you’ll just have to wake him up now won’t cha?” The gimp scene is also one of the biggest surprises I ever saw in a movie. As if all this wasn’t enough it has a unique structure where time does not flow from point A to point B, instead we drop in and out of different characters and slowly piece together the plot like a jigsaw puzzle. The movie has great performances from Bruce Willis, Sam Jackson, Uma Thurman and gave John Travolta a career again. The music was great (one of my favourite soundtracks) and even Quentin himself turns in a good performance. Another movie I’d highly recommend, for me it stands above all Quentin’s other films with Inglorious Basterds coming a close second. For me Pulp defines my generation just a little. Most of my friends can quote parts of the movie like me and we all talk about the great experience of seeing in the cinema.

Enough about Quentin though, so I was at the Brigus Blueberry Festival this weekend (something I’ve been going to for a quite a while) and I have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I love how it pretty well hasn’t changed in 15 years. They still have the same MC (who still does it at 81!) and he still tells the same corny jokes. The bands remain basically the same (one has been going there for 10 years running) and I find comfort in that. This year we stayed for almost the entire thing including the fireworks (my favourite part). For me though I am always bothered by crowds. Granted there was probably no more than two to three-thousand people there at any one time but still I hate that feeling of being trapped in a crowd, even if it’s just a for a few minutes. I suppose its a catch-22 kind of deal. If there were no crowds it would probably be cancelled Smile So I’ll stop my whining. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone, I’ll try to post again before we head off to Gros Morne.



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