Movie I gave a 10 rating and drunk

Hi all. Ok I admit it, I was out for dinner and I had 4 drinks in about 2 hours, so I’m fairly drunk. That doesn’t stop me from posting to my blog though. I talked about it on Twitter so here I’ll just recommend Raymond’s in St. John’s if you ever get the chance, expensive but excellent food and superior service make it well worth the while. For me it’s always nice when they can accommodate a vegetarian as well  but enough is enough.

So to continue my movie discussion (I do love them as you might have gathered) there is one movie that stands out for me. That movie is Braveheart, starring and directed by Mel Gibson. I don’t agree with Mel Gibson’s attitude, religious ideals or bizarre rants but this movie was before all that and stands apart. I know it has flaws but for me it stands apart from any other. It is one of the only movies I researched and wrote a paper on for university (which I got an A on Smile) and it means a lot to me. I know a lot of it is fictitious but for me movies with great action (sword fighting that is) along with adult themes and good acting have a strong resonance in my mind. I owned this movie but on VHS and currently on DVD. I even lent the movie to a professor at MUN so that he could better understand the paper I wrote. Also it’s mentioned briefly in my first novel (which you’ll hopefully be able to read sometime in the next 6 months or so) and is a movie I’ve watched many times. I remember also using it as a focal point for a course I helped instruct as part of an Education course as well. In terms of the actual plot, well you can click on the link. The real William Wallace was much more brutal and some of the things attributed to him in the movie are wrong but somehow that doesn’t dethrone this movie in my mind. For me there can only be one film at the top and nothing else can take its place. Next time I’ll talk about Pulp Fiction and it’s brilliance but for now I implore you all to see Bravheart (unless violence really bothers you) and see Mel at his best.



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