3D movies and the weather

Hi all. I was going to call this “grovin’ on a Sunday afternoon” but it’s night so it doesn’t work. As I hinted at last time I wanted to discuss 3D movies a little. Basically I think most of the time the whole thing is a rip off and just a way for the theatres (and whoever else is involved) to make more money. Occasionally though some movies are worth the extra $. Toy Story 3 and Avatar are two good ones. Today I finally saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon which I saw almost entirely because it was in 3D (otherwise I didn’t think it would be worth it). I’ve already spoken about it on Facebook and Twitter so I’ll move on. I read that is the US they also have motion seats in some theatres which are timed with exciting parts of the movie. For me I think that is a little pathetic, trying to turn a movie into a mini roller-coaster ride or something. With all that said we are getting an IMAX here soon and that is a significantly improved movie going experience that is worth the extra $. I am particularly looking forward to Batman and the other superhero movies next year that are in IMAX.

Now onto the weather, Newfoundland has never been known for our good weather certainly but when it’s bad in the summer time it sucks even more. I even looked into the into the stats, from June 1st to July 31st of this year we have had approximately 261 mm of rain. Consider this against our average of 189 mm for those two months (almost exactly half of the first number) and you can see its been a very wet summer. Yes I know that other people have extreme heat so this will be only gripe session, at least until winter Winking smile . I think that climate change has had and will continue to have a large effect on us. All you need to do is look at the amount of flooding, hurricanes, drought and extreme temperatures all over the world the past 5-10 years for proof. Anyway enough doom and gloom, have a nice week everyone and I’ll talk to you soon.



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