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Good morning/afternoon/evening! My name is Charles O’Keefe and I’ve never had a blog before. I can remember teaching at College of the North Atlantic (in Grand Falls-Windsor) and telling a student not to use “blog” in his essay since it wasn’t a real word! Obviously I’ve come a ways since then.

I will try to keep these posts different from what I put on Facebook and Twitter, though if something really exciting/interesting happens the same thing will be on all three. For here mainly though I’ll try to do reflections on life and try to give people something to think about. Oh and to be clear I do consider myself an aspiring writer and I hope to have some big news about my first novel tentatively called “The Newfoundland Vampire” sometime soon.

For today though I want to talk about rude people. I consider myself to be fairly polite, at least most of the time Winking smile I went to a movie last weekend, intentionally going to the cheap theatre here as it is almost never crowded. I talked about the movie on Twitter, it was “Captain America” I wasn’t overly impressed with it despite the ton of money it’s making and getting mostly good reviews but I digress. So there is only about 30 people in the theatre and right away I notice a guy coughing LOUDLY about every 5 minutes. While I wouldn’t go a movie if I had a cough that bad I can at least see that in some sense it wasn’t his fault. Another guy decides though to not only leave his cell phone on but ANSWER IT during the movie! I know that everyone and their dog has a cell phone but that is the height of rudeness to answer it during a movie. He kept the call short and it didn’t ring again but still. Aside from the guy being a tool I think the other problem is that cell phones now are a toy. I see kids on the street who can’t be more than 7 or 8 with them. Yes I do have a cell phone but I don’t use the internet on it, or text and I certainly don’t talk on it all the time (it’s not an iPhone either). Anyway to top off the experience the movie stopped both at the beginning and at the end for a good 5 minutes or more each time. Aside from that I did have a good weekend and enjoyed time with friends, my wife and a my cats. Have a nice hump day all.



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